Minus   Halldór Laxness
Release Date: 2003

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4.0 excellentAngelboros | August 3rd 17

From the capital and largest city in Iceland, Reykjavik, five-piece ensemble Minus have proven themselves to be an entertaining band if their breakthrough record Jesus Christ Bobby is any indicator of that claim. The album was a mishmash of metallic hardcore and noise elements, plus it hardly overstayed its length; for whatever originality points the outing lacked, the band there more than made up for that via tight musicianship alongside cool songwriting ideas above all else. Nearly two years following Jesus Christ Bobby, Minus dished out another 12-song studio effort called Halldor Laxness. Titled in tribute to an author from the twentieth century who received a Nobel Prize, feels like these folks succeeded again in crafting a cohesive af effort that hits the listener with many strikes. Yeah, Halldor Laxness is relatively accessible and de-emphasizes the chaotic metalcore tendencies present on Minus' past affairs, but make no mistake: it'll rock your socks off anyway, not to mention that the album isn't afraid to get dirty every once in a while - I mean, album opener "Boys of Winter" and "The Ravers" for examples have that much covered. Given that Halldor Laxness is meant to be some sort of attempt at a New Sound Album, this quintet could've been a tad more committed to the change in direction, although for a first try, Minus deserve credit for holding one's interest tbh. Short version? Fuckin' owns, barely are there weak tracks to be found.


4.5 superbForeignFilm | April 11th 12

found it for 99 cents in a bin at hastings. I had already known and loved the album for a while, so imagine my surprise seeing it labelled as "generic used cd" as if it was some trash nobody cared about...good thing this album is so much more than that.


5.0 classictheacademy STAFF | March 23rd 11

lol @ what ONE TINY accent does to an album title...


3.0 goodpjorn | January 12th 17
5.0 classicjsounnd | October 25th 16
5.0 classicSevendave | April 12th 16
5.0 classicjordo246 | February 24th 13
3.5 greatphi04fxz | November 28th 12
3.5 greathappyfunball | October 21st 12
5.0 classic2ndhandsuburbia | April 4th 12
5.0 classiclaserfunk540 | July 20th 11
3.0 goodClupidBlorropope | July 3rd 11

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