Ghast   Terrible Cemetery
Release Date: 2010

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4.5 superbDarkNoctus | August 28th 11

Black metal and doom metal are two of my favorite genres these days, but despite my love for both of them, there's an almost alarming lack of people combining the two together well. Perhaps it's because aesthetically they have some key differences that don't seem to marry well into each other. Sometimes people attempt to make doom with the thinner, black metal guitar sounds and it just doesn't work and grows incredibly monotonous before the song is out. Or they use the thicker, deeper sound in a fast, up-tempo black metal context and it soon becomes too overwhelming to sit through or a complete and utter mess. In terms of lyrical content that most black metal and doom metal takes up, the two should go together perfectly, but it often isn't the case. Luckily though, Ghast shows us that there are some bands that can do it right, having the perfect balance between each side and coming out with an EP that accentuates every aspect of the album the band chooses. To add to that, at just under 30 minutes it's the perfect length to not grow too tiring but not disappear before you'd like it to. Recommended. :]

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4.5 superbBaphomet | March 19th 11

By the end of the EP you'll be soaked in your own tears. Funny thing is, you'll play it again. It's kind of an abusive relationship; the most amazing abusive relationship ever. Black/doom the way it's supposed to be done.


4.0 excellentGazAldo | July 19th 17
4.0 excellentMMX | December 17th 14
1.5 very poordanielito19 | October 12th 14
4.0 excellentEverythingEvil2113 | August 21st 11
4.0 excellentev0ken | April 24th 11
4.0 excellentHawks | March 24th 11

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