Eskmo   Eskmo
Release Date: 2010

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0.0 struth | August 15th 11

lol where you at deviant

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4.5 superbetK | February 21st 17

In 2010, while Dubstep was about to become a really big thing, a lot of artists were still experimenting before it had its mainstream, popular NI Massive sound. Eskmo releases his self-titled album and first popular one the same month Skrillex releases his breakthrough EP. Chillstep doesn't really have a name yet, but this album can be easy considered an "IDM-Chillstep" album. Cloudlight is in no doubt the best song here and also Eskmo's most popular work : it has this high frequence wobble bass, these complex and particular drum sounds, these effects and gentle synth that make the whole piece sound like it's nature trying dubstep (at least that's how I see it). Now it's true the rest of the album is not always as touching as the lead single is, though it has undeniably a personnal sound, the same weird vocals, the same recognizable drums... and it's not always the same thing either, sometimes it can even hardly be described as Dubstep, as it's not the same BPM and structure at all. Talking about structure, the album has some great transition pieces that show Eskmo's ambient side (later to be heard more in Sol).rSo Eskmo isn't Untrue, but it sounds like no other Dubstep album and I think it influenced way more artists than people realize. It's not perfect, but it's beautiful. Everyone interested in Bass Music should listen to it.


3.0 goodWolfe | March 26th 18
4.0 excellentnateiv | December 18th 17
4.5 superbfred durst riffs harder than you | April 3rd 17
4.0 excellentNevermindAlex | September 6th 16
4.0 excellentrifkadm | February 13th 16
4.5 superbdjENTsaUCE | March 8th 15
4.0 excellentCembodile | November 6th 14
4.5 superbthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | March 22nd 14
4.0 excellentSpiral21x | March 7th 14
2.5 averagejiamengial | August 2nd 13
5.0 classicPiratePuke | June 18th 13
4.0 excellentImmortalPaper | February 18th 13
4.0 excellentfoxblood | January 21st 13
3.0 goodJJwins | November 30th 12
3.5 greatJekub | May 17th 12
3.0 goodDiton | April 8th 12
3.5 greatTorviss | December 19th 11
4.0 excellentgosk8n | November 16th 11
4.0 excellentEyeAmMyOwn | October 21st 11
3.0 gooddingster | August 13th 11
4.0 excellentamosmyn | June 14th 11
3.0 goodSmurkinGherkin | May 13th 11
4.5 superbDiamindRecords | May 10th 11
4.0 excellentHBFS | March 11th 11

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