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Ranking: #173 for 2011

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4.0 excellentOceanOfWisdom | March 24th 11

Absolutely insane...Love the new clean passages in the later songs on the album...Can't really raise my rating though because, in all honesty, this album can be REALLY difficult to keep up with at many points in the album, with the insane drumming, ridiculous guitar riffs and vocals to boot...This can be an AWFUL lot to take in all at once...Still great though

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0.0 Nocha81590 | March 24th 11

The way this band layers sound is like no other. Panacea is absolutely beautiful. This may
be my favorite album of all time.

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4.5 superbkakuei | January 25th 13

This album is a glimmering hope that spans a series of flooded genres. The album is simply unmatched in technical complexity, but also offers smooth and ambient transitions, progressive passages, polyrhythmic chugging, and a structure that makes the entire album feel like one epic song. Anomalous have found a seemingly impossible balance between technicality and listenability that makes for an amazing first listen and continuously rewards the listener for each subsequent play. There are some minor flaws, namely in production, but overall the album is simply a masterpiece.


4.5 superbTolkien804 | June 17th 11

Anomalous have yet again outdone themselves on an album that is both technical and atmospheric. 2006 brought us "Cognitive Dissonance", an E.P. with 5 songs. It shows us Anomalous in an early stage, but Anomalous none the less. 6 years later they have released a gem among technical death metal today.

Guitar has always been a highlight in this band and that stays true with "Ohmnivalent". It is full of solos, as well as strange atmospheric sections. The rest of the band is still there as well, every once in a while throwing in some bass riff/drum roll. They also use some really cool rhythms and overall the musicianship is beyond amazing. The vocals are a step up from "Cognitive Dissonance" and the lyrics are fluid and descriptive. Overall, "Ohmnivalent" is a solid album from start to finish.


4.5 superbasdemonsburn | April 16th 11

After a handful of listens, Ohmnivalent sinks in and it's clear that this is one of those albums that is years ahead of its time. 5-10 years from now I can hope this gets the recognition it deserves. The amount of talent needed to create something like this is immense. While other 7/8 string bands do their generic djenting and lame clean sections with shit clean vocals, Anomalous says fuck you and creates a technical, progressive, melodic, and at times brutal sound that is suffocating and dense overall. The lead playing is extraordinary, easily some of the most chilling you will find in extreme metal.


4.0 excellentMunsuLight | April 2nd 11

Death Metal version of Journal's Unlorja of last year. Intense drumming done by a drummer who is always dissed for just playing fast(Marco Pitruzella) who shows that he can be pretty polyvalent, many arpeggios and sweeps at the guitars but none at the level of faggotry Brain Drill uses them, some groovy riffs, some technical riffs, some "Messhugah riffing". Also, They are trying to bring some atmosphere sometimes just to calm us down on track 5 which sound kinda like a Cynic track. Vocally speaking, the album is kinda atrocious, really the weak point of this album, the guy highs are bad, the lows are not even lows and he doesn't show real diversity.


4.5 superbdemonhunterlive | March 16th 11

All i can say is that they just redefined tech death. with a taste of meshuggah and cynic in there i'd say u wont wanna miss on this one.rI would say dont listen to me or anyone else just give it listen, you wont be disappointed.


4.5 superbElynna | July 2nd 17
3.0 goodtrevor879 | December 28th 16
4.0 excellentGrungy777 | October 16th 16
3.5 greatNazzadan | May 2nd 16
4.0 excellentbrainmelter | April 28th 16
3.0 goodEnding | April 18th 16
4.0 excellentFathomlessHypocrisy | February 28th 16
4.0 excellentBlackDahlia03 | February 10th 16
4.5 superbCherubian | July 25th 15
3.0 goodJKoppe | May 30th 15
5.0 classictravisaurusrex | March 2nd 15
4.5 superbMarsKid | March 1st 15
4.5 superbKingNick | July 3rd 14
4.0 excellentdjunior | May 31st 14
4.5 superbAngloSaxophone | December 27th 13
4.5 superbtokyo | October 5th 13
2.5 averageDrOctavius | June 15th 13
4.0 excellentSideshowBob | April 14th 13
5.0 classicSourFlow | April 10th 13
5.0 classicjadasneez | March 2nd 13
2.5 averageTheNotrap | December 21st 12
3.5 greatrsudhir94 | December 3rd 12
4.0 excellentFrozenVain | November 13th 12
3.5 greatXfingTheSullen | September 30th 12
5.0 classicAnimalsAsSummit | May 4th 12
4.0 excellenttoolguitarkid | April 25th 12
3.0 goodZettel | April 24th 12
3.5 greatYUJOS | April 18th 12
5.0 classicSymmetry7 | April 5th 12
4.5 superbZombieParty | March 28th 12
4.5 superbelcreepo | March 6th 12
4.5 superbgoolsby | October 25th 11
4.0 excellentSsssssss | August 26th 11
4.5 superbDeadGuy | August 2nd 11
2.5 averageDoubtGin | July 5th 11
2.5 averagezuzek | April 4th 11
4.5 superbdch528 | April 2nd 11
4.0 excellentnarcosis80 | March 30th 11
3.5 greatGhostK | March 29th 11
4.0 excellentrid | March 28th 11
4.5 superbev0ken | March 16th 11
3.5 greatiwubmoosik | March 10th 11
3.0 goodAnthracks | March 1st 11

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