Across the Sun   Before The Night Takes Us
Release Date: 2011

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4.0 excellentiwubmoosik | March 11th 11

Not sacrificing songwriting for TECKNIKULL-ness, Across the Sun's freshly leaked LP is a success! Clean vox may take some getting used to, but they really don't detract from anything at all.

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5.0 classicadventchild13 | April 6th 11

This band grabbed my attention, Seems they have taken the best of both worlds to create a collage in my mind. Each song I listen to paints a different painting each time. That just makes this an all around classic for me. Like the old famous pianists and artists from history, I feel that's the kind of intensity and talent you get from these guys. It seems each and every song I have listened to by them has had the up most delicacy taken when written to truly be a masterpiece all its own. The break downs and solo's are incredible, all the instruments down to the soundboard are rich and full of talent. And the singer, well lets just say no one "in my opinion" that plays this kind of metal can do it the way this guy does, he keeps each song fresh with the clean sing without sacrificing skill-full vocal patterns for it. His voice is almost angelic when he clean sings and then his scream is just the icing on the cake for me. With all of that being said keep in mind I just found this band a week ago and at the time wasn't really feeling anything with clean vocals anymore. Wasn't really feeling anything out there with soundboards either until now, actually I don't know if its a soundboard, keyboard, piano or all of the above but its awesome! If you have ever listened to anything similar to this band, give these guys a chance!

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0.0 TheFourthCircle25 | March 22nd 15

Another surprise in the metalcore scene. Filled with progressive and death metal tendencies, Across the Sun bring a lot of potential to their debut album "Before The Night Takes Us." There's a lot of positivity in the lyrics, as well as some pretty sweet riffing and melody. While not entirely original, this does show a lot of promise for the young band, who perform this style a little bit better than the majority of bands like them. 8/10


4.0 excellentFuzzyWookie | January 18th 12

I really don't understand all the hate this album gets for its clean vocals. He is a really good vocalist in my opinion and perfectly fits the music. And the album is not generic metal core by any means - great instrumentation with some unique guitar/keyboard interspersions, great vocals (both clean and growling/shrieking), and, you guessed it, a GREAT message.


3.5 greatDuckman118 | January 6th 12

The growling is top notch, the instruments are top notch. the only thing in this album that i feel brings it down is the clean vocals.. they sound very, preppy...


2.5 averageFearThyEvil | August 24th 11

A band that has talent but did not know how to utilize within this album. The main problem with the album is the overused, tedious, and boring keyboards along with the incredibly cheesy and dull clean vocals.


3.5 greatpeartnoy | May 4th 11

I'm really falling in love with this band. I don't understand how people think the clean vocals are bad. They are just different and it's what makes the band sound unique!


2.5 averageThor | April 21st 11

Good ideas weighed down by cheesy keyboards and silly clean vocals. But hey, it's better
than Becoming the Archetype.


3.0 goodIAMERROR | April 17th 11

I think I would really like this if the clean singing didn't cause me to lol.


3.0 goodPinkBlackberry | March 14th 11

It kinda sounds like....everything else I've ever heard. It's got it's moments but, over-all it forms nicely to the cookie cutter piece that they conform shamelessly too.


4.0 excellentGroundking | January 20th 17
4.0 excellentSoossi | October 1st 16
3.5 greatolivercuster | October 4th 15
3.0 goodAaron77 | December 24th 14
3.5 greatAmelia Andreasson | December 7th 13
3.0 goodcachavacha | October 3rd 13
4.0 excellentbrutalizer | April 16th 13
2.0 poorHumanautPassenger | March 25th 13
4.0 excellentmisho87237 | December 22nd 12
3.0 goodPolobolo | September 16th 12
3.0 goodkypusher | August 16th 12
4.0 excellentkadimashikari | June 18th 12
3.0 goodrunningintocalamity | April 16th 12
3.5 greatcorycantrell | March 29th 12
5.0 classicCrownProfit | March 27th 12
4.0 excellentJakeStallion | March 19th 12
3.5 greatmcchub | February 25th 12
4.0 excellentKolibree | January 11th 12
3.5 greatAfterTheBreakdown | November 16th 11
3.5 greatZombieParty | October 19th 11
3.0 goodMuhNamesTyler | September 3rd 11
3.0 goodJustinKing | September 1st 11
2.5 averagejayfatha | August 19th 11
3.5 greatLudovician | July 11th 11
3.0 goodCurse. | June 28th 11
4.0 excellentKolyaAleksandrov555 | June 12th 11
3.0 goodTannerSaysStuff | May 10th 11
2.0 poordreamlikelions | May 3rd 11
3.0 goodDoubtGin | April 28th 11
1.5 very poormodernman2 | April 25th 11
2.0 poorsaucy | April 25th 11
3.5 greatMacheteMirage420 | April 22nd 11
3.0 goodIleftyspankedU | April 15th 11
4.0 excellentDesolator | April 10th 11
3.5 greatjrowa001 | April 6th 11
4.0 excellentfeedhertothesharks | April 4th 11
3.0 goodFirstLight | April 3rd 11
4.0 excellentproukillqc | March 30th 11
3.5 greatBringMeTheWaffles. | March 30th 11
4.0 excellentAaaandrew | March 25th 11
4.0 excellentX3ni92 | March 21st 11
3.5 greatA7XEric | March 21st 11
2.5 averagesacc87 | March 18th 11
3.5 greatalkahest | March 17th 11
2.5 averagenarcosis80 | March 17th 11
4.0 excellentGhostK | March 15th 11
3.5 greatLaughingMan | March 13th 11
4.5 superbdefinedproject | March 11th 11
4.0 excellent32left | March 11th 11

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