Blinded Colony   The Blinded EP
Release Date: 2010

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0.0 macadoolahicky | January 18th 12

Blinded Colony (now The Blinded) are now producing a sound everyone else in the melodeath/metalcore genre is making, just lacking the generic catchiness of the average band in said genre. The vocals are weak and there is little excitement in the instruments. The chorus of "Pretend" and the intro to the final track "Out of Line" are all the only decent points on the album, and decent is all they are. Overall, EP2010 is a poor release by a band that did not have enough potential to sound as special as their peers to begin with.


0.0 FilthyBorgir | January 18th 11

The Blinded who were called Blinded Colony before this release. They changed their name cuz they got a whole new line up and they wanted a "fresh start"Very generic and highly unoriginal. But I kept on listening to it and grew on me. With the music there is no guitar solos, harsh voclas aren't the best but still good, clean vocals need to improve in strength but still reasonably catchy, lyrics definitely need to improve, bass is sometimes audible, synths can be overpowering to some people, drums can have its moments.


3.0 goodPherin | September 1st 14
2.5 averageSolaire | November 12th 13
3.0 goodDischi | September 28th 13
2.5 averageFerinusCarnifexVox | August 13th 13
2.0 poorCK | May 7th 13
5.0 classicJosuatodd | July 12th 11
4.0 excellentVandV | February 17th 11
2.0 poorFictionalFlames | January 16th 11

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