Malice Mizer   Bara no Seidou
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4.0 excellentJared Floryan | March 5th 16

Gloomier and relatively more terrifying than past records, Malice Mizer's fourth and final studio album is a fitting end for the J-Rock group's career. Following the death of the band's drummer Ukyo Kamimura (aka Kami), Bara no Seidou was the first and only release during Malice Mizer's history to feature Masaki Haruna (aka Klaha) as the quintet's vocalist. The record also introduced a radically different sound: in place of pop music-inspired melodies and French romanticism, studio effort #4 includes noticeable Gothic aspects and an emphasis on bombast (as if these guys weren't a good kind of fustian already). While it is a step backwards compared to Merveilles, Bara no Seidou is a strong enough offering with less misses and more successes as far as general execution goes. Klaha's vocals are suitable and complement the bleak tone of this LP very well - even if he certainly isn't Gackt - whilst the composition job couldn't be any sweeter. Though the conclusion of Malice Mizer did pave the way for bandleader Mana's comparatively inferior solo project, it also showed that MM's time together as an ensemble was really fun while it lasted.

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4.5 superbdiscovolante | May 28th 11

One of the most haunting releases of the current era of Japanese music, Malice Mizer concoct
yet another memorable release, with a combination of beautifully orchestrated music, and
outstanding vocals performed by Klaha. This is not for typical visual kei fans, however, as
this takes goth rock to a whole new plateau of darkness. Malice Mizer proves with this
release that no matter how dark the tunnel is, there is always a light at the end of it.


4.5 superbTitan50 | May 24th 11

Bara no Seidou completely demolishes the sound of their previous albums. This is music to be played at Halloween. This is music you'd expect to hear in abandoned churches. THIS is gothic.


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