Forced Entry   As Above, So Below
Release Date: 1991

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3.5 greatzalant | July 25th 07

I think I got turned on to these guys via the original Headbanger's Ball show. I saw the video for "Macrocosm, Microcosm" a few times and thought that the song was really good, and the video was funny. Their guitarist was roaming around on the streets with his guitar, scaring little old ladies and anyone else in his path. My roommate got me the CD and we listened to it all the time. I wish these guys were still around, because there was some real promise on this album. I've seen other reviews where people said that they didn't like "We're Dicks" or "How We Spent Our Summer Vacation", because those tracks are too punk-influenced, or they're too cartoonish, or whatever. Me, I come from the age of S.O.D. so I love those kinds of songs. The subject matter in most of the other tracks are pretty serious, so it's nice to take a break and see a band's sense of humor. The musicianship on this album is great and there are pinch harmonics a-plenty. I haven't actually listened to this CD for quite some time, but as I think about it now, I can remember how all of the tracks go, except for "The Unextinguishable" or "When One Becomes Two". I don't know if that means those tracks are any less memorable, or if my memory is going in the toilet. I'm sure if I bothered to break out the CD, I'd say "oh yeah, that song". Overall, I'd say that this album is thrashy, heavy, and it's got some groove to it, as well. The vocals are good (I would say sort of James Hetfield/Chuck Billy-like) and I always respect anyone who can play an instrument and sing at the same time (as their bassist/singer does). This isn't what I would call a "must have" thrash/metal CD, but if you spot it at a used CD shop, pick it up, or at least try it at the listening station. You just may dig it. I do.


3.5 greatgocsa666 | June 7th 17
3.5 greatdiolives80s | March 31st 16
3.5 greattrainofconsequence | September 27th 13
4.0 excellentSixteenSaltines | August 15th 13
3.5 greatkual21 | June 21st 13
4.0 excellentwalfernu | April 5th 13
2.5 averageRobSchuldiner | February 15th 13
3.5 greatmickbynes | February 9th 13
4.0 excellentGigglesdemon | September 28th 12
4.0 excellentengleprunt | May 18th 12
3.0 goodHubcool | March 11th 12
5.0 classicabaachii | April 19th 08

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