The Mountain Goats   Taboo VI: The Homecoming
Release Date: 1991

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0.0 RosaParks | March 16th 13

recorded with a calculator probably

4 Bumps | Bump

2.5 averageGoingToBuffalo | January 4th 12

Not the best off of John Darnielle's enormous catalog, but worth a listen no doubt considering it is his first official release. He said himself he never thought anyone save his close friends would hear it, so it shouldn't really represent his work, but it's a must have for a Mountain Goats collector/megafan. John once said "I'd like to offer this note of caution to those who like the later stuff and are trying to get their hands on my first efforts: you probably won't like it much, and if you pay an inflated price for it, you'll probably feel cheated. Having said that, if you still feel inclined to hunt it down, I do hope that you enjoy it on its own meager terms. It means well and didn't want to hurt anyone. Except for maybe that one guy. I hate that guy." He also mentioned how the next release, The Hound Chronicles, should be where someone should start if they really want to hear the real first tMG and the first songs that influenced the rest of his work.


2.5 averagebSmith | May 19th 17
2.5 averageSandbitchButthole | March 22nd 16
2.0 poorlo-figuy | December 19th 15
1.0 awfulrovert620 | September 17th 15
2.0 poorBritch2tiger | September 12th 15
3.5 greatMackLageson | December 18th 14
2.0 poorsickpriest | March 7th 14
3.0 goodExothermicTitan | November 9th 13
2.5 averagecb123 | January 23rd 13
3.5 greatBloodhail | October 21st 12
5.0 classicReillyr | October 7th 12
3.0 goodAids | September 19th 12
2.5 averageemptyblackbox | August 19th 11
2.0 poorfr33convict | December 6th 10
4.0 excellentiamthewalrus | September 12th 10

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