City in the Sea   The Long Lost
Release Date: 2010

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3.5 greatmoshpotatoes | August 1st 12

This band is a much needed breath of fresh air. This band is gonna save the future of the genre because it's already dying by young, generic bands with no potential. This band stands out from the rest by creative breakdowns, great vocals, and just overall great song writing. They certainly are inspired by bigger bands in the genre just by listening to them, they sound like a big mainstream medley. They sound like a cross between The Word Alive and August Burns Red. I highly recommend this band to any Post-Hardcore fans.

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3.5 greatIAmKickass | August 11th 11

Without a single doubt, there is a huge mainstream influence here from some of the bigger genre bands. Who says you can't have influences though? The Long Lost is an energetic listen, though it could have gone without so many breakdowns, there is still enough of everything else to make it such an enjoyable little album.

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3.5 greattheblindinglight | February 12th 11

There is definitely TDWP / August Burns Red influence here, and they do a good job of mixing the two elements together. I'd say the vocals could use a little work, both screams and clean vox, but the songwriting is really great so I hope they don't change significantly.
I look forward to a full-length!

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3.0 goodManqaness24 | February 3rd 13

Good guitar work terrible cleans, solid drumming and decent screams.


2.5 averagehypocriticalcat | December 20th 17
2.5 averagescreamer2290 | October 27th 15
3.0 goodmfrguitar127 | February 20th 15
2.5 averagepiercedscreamer | November 28th 14
3.5 greatIneedabettername | March 4th 14
3.5 greatDyerTF | January 29th 14
3.0 goodGiansk | November 27th 13
3.5 greatJustinKing | August 20th 13
4.0 excellentcorycantrell | August 12th 13
3.0 goodsnowbbird | May 5th 13
3.5 greatHaloDude442 | August 1st 12
4.0 excellentfirearrow501 | March 15th 12
3.5 greatDevastator | May 14th 11
3.0 goodshortone323 | February 12th 11
2.0 poorinca829 | December 25th 10

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