Her Bright Skies   Causing A Scene
Release Date: 2010

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5.0 classicSharpyyy | December 14th 12

Extremely amazing, sold our souls (to rock and roll) is my favourite track, lovely chorus and amazing backing vocals!

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3.5 greatHansol | March 22nd 15


4.0 excellentLoLifant | January 30th 15

This album shines with it's atmospheric tone throughout all of the songs, which is conveyed by the combined use of disortion and frequent tapping riffs. You can almost feel that these guys are from sweden since the whole record has some cold vibe to it, that, on some occasions, invites you to let your thoughts fly away and start dreaming while looking into the night when sitting in a bus or train. Although the formular with some tapping riff and the obligatory powerchord in the background repeats on almost every song, which is why this can't have a better rating, most of the tracks still feel distinct and deliver a couple of pretty epic moments, such as the ending of 'Hollywood Dreamin''. Also, the lyrics, while not cringeworthy, are fairly simple and sometimes feel like placeholder that exist so there's something to sing. But the aforementioned atmosphere and catchy songwriting with some stellar moments here and there still lift this up to be an excellent record. While this is their best release yet, the other LP's are definitely worth checking out as well.


2.5 averagetapitforever | October 8th 10

pwetty average. haven't listened to anything by them previously though so idk.


3.0 goodastreaz | May 27th 10

Although disappointing for a lot of the band's previous fanbase and a post-hardcore point of view, it is enjoyable enough as a pop punk focused album.


0.0 Obfuscation24 | April 11th 10

Looks like the talent left with their old name...
I couldn't believe how generic and, to be honest, terrible this album was..
R.I.P Herbrightskies


0.0 dansxdead | April 11th 10

Only 1 or 2 true post-hardcore songs on here, very disappointing.


0.0 bloc | April 5th 10

Well it looks like Her Bright Skies (they changed their name) has taken the path that so many fellow post-hardcore bands have walked. In other words, Causing A Scene has abandoned the hardcore side and stepped into the radio-friendly dimension. Maneuvers like this are never for the better, plus I don't want to bore you with naming examples of decent post-hardcore bands that have done this, and Causing A Scene has actually ended up being tame enough to be loved by your mother. Yes, your mother. Perhaps one song out of the bunch has screaming in it (and it's only one verse) while the rest is packed with generic material perfect for radio play.


5.0 classicandrewlein | November 3rd 21
3.5 greatweflyatnight | September 6th 15
3.5 greatMcGuire95 | July 3rd 15
3.0 goodohtheurgency | May 24th 15
2.5 averagerpetersen | November 13th 13
4.0 excellentSupernatural103 | September 1st 13
3.5 greatCanadaSeb | August 28th 13
3.5 greatThomasTheCure | February 14th 13
3.0 goodtuskaninny | January 11th 13
4.0 excellentGloczek | December 19th 12
2.5 averageliekmothstoflames | November 30th 12
4.0 excellentsfoln2012 | September 25th 12
4.0 excellentSOSGermany | February 23rd 12
4.0 excellentprinceofdope | February 18th 12
1.0 awfulPndi | December 27th 11
4.5 superbNucrus | December 16th 11
3.0 goodSconza | October 18th 11
3.5 greatDemasses | August 24th 11
2.5 averageIAMERROR | June 15th 11
2.5 averageAdamK | June 8th 11
2.5 averageMuhNamesTyler | April 15th 11
3.0 goodtheblindinglight | February 24th 11
2.5 averagebjorkil | January 7th 11
2.5 averageDurzoBlint | January 3rd 11
4.0 excellentpuchezjude | January 2nd 11
4.0 excellentPinkBlackberry | October 2nd 10
4.0 excellentiamSeraph | July 13th 10

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