Boondox   South of Hell
Ranking: #138 for 2010

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4.5 superbfrikerthejuggalo | May 13th 10

I found that this was a good mix between, rap, country, and rock beats. Boondox is a southeren rapper so he uses country beats to demonstrate his southern mentality.
Track 1/intro: nothin special just a bunch of noise 3/5
Track 2/Cold Day in Hell: this is one of the songs where he adds the country rap and rock together and it has a great course but the rapping in nothing special
Track 3/Color Your Dead: This is a good track and the lyrics are especially violent for this song the song is basically about him doing some violent murders.
Track 4/Red Dirt Road: This is a good song the flow is kind of wierd though but the song is about people traveling down a road and going missin because they were getting murdered
Track 5/ Some kind of devil: The raps are good and i think is flow is good one of the songs with only rap beats and this song is basically about how evil he is basically as evil as the devil
Track 6/ Love of my knife: This is a touching love song about his knife and how they can only be together in threesomes which is basically him killing the girl...its really a touching love song
Track 7/ We all fall: The only soft song on the cd and basically the only song that ive ever heard soft by boondox....So basically it is about how we are all going to die someday
Track 8/ Toast to the Fam: Good song, basically about him and his juggalo family going out and havin fun, while having sex with chicks and getting drunk.
Track 9/ In between: This song is about him slidin his meet between sweet southern jugs and this is a pretty funny track with an extremely country course
Track 10/: Basically about how his family tree is all messed up with a lot of murderes and killers and the family tree his dead and needs to be burned
Track 11/lezbehonest: This track is about him hatin and killin girls who go for other girls even tho they dont really like girls and just want a lot of attention....pretty good song
Track 12/Just die: The song is basically about the title just die
Track 13/Nothing to lose: He is basically saying there is nothing that he cares about anymore and he doesnt really care if he gets in trouble he has nothing to lose
Track 14/Watch your back: This is my favorite track on the cd this track is amazing it features the insane clown posse who is my favorite rappers on the record label but i actually like boondox's verses the best i love this track the chorus is all very catchy it goes look out cuz im all a prowl gonna find these mutha***as gonna take em out for u know u find the hatchet attacks and if u aint one of us watch ur back.
Track 15/Where do i go: I dont even kno what this song is about it is the only song on the album that i dont like

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0.0 | June 3rd 10

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0.0 ButcheredChildren | May 15th 10

its a classic, Boondox put ALOT into this album and it shows, its an abolsutely beautiful medley of country/rap/death

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0.0 | August 2nd 10

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1.0 awfulFLCL | September 29th 16
4.0 excellentrandom | March 31st 16
4.0 excellentseymourbutts | January 2nd 15
4.0 excellentcacatookyman | May 26th 14
2.5 averageJustinKing | August 21st 13
2.5 averagePerplexion | July 18th 12
4.0 excellentdiscovolante | December 30th 11
3.5 greatbartsimpson44 | June 27th 10
4.0 excellentmaryjane62 | May 20th 10
4.0 excellentsugarwolf23 | May 18th 10
4.5 superbSequoia | May 17th 10

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