GG Allin   Hated In The Nation
Release Date: 1987

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0.0 RYMsfullofscenesters | September 25th 13

About as mixed as a mixed bag gets. Contains his dumbest, stupidest, three chordiest songs, but also flirts with noise pop, psych, etc. All songs were recorded before he found his trademark vomitshit vocal style, so the lyrics may be offputting.

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3.5 greatxfearbefore | January 24th 15

Amateurish as fuck and the production is atrocious, but it's hardcore punk, so that basically means absolutely nothing. Some of his best, funnest shit is on here. Bite It You Scum is his signature song, and for good reason---it's a hell of an angry and aggressive song, indicative of the whole movement.


0.0 cameraeye | May 27th 12

I legitimately liked GG Allin. He was a huge dick in real life, but his music is funny as hell and perfect for parties.


4.0 excellentTheManMachine | April 24th 12

Almost serves as an early GG biography in music form. The songs themselves vary from the catchy pop-punk of his early career to the slow-crawling metal he would expand on and bastardize after this came out. It also showcases his rapidly increasing levels of offensive subject matter, insanity, and poor recording quality - in a few years time he went from "You Hate Me & I Hate You" to "Ten Year Old Fuck". The demented live concert dialogue and answering machine messages presented here along with the songs gives you a feel for GG's disturbing life on and off the stage and are well-placed throughout the compilation.


1.0 awfulalextheantichrist | December 22nd 11

I really don't get why people like GG Allin. This is actually supposed to be GG's best work. If that's the case, I'm not impressed. The music lacks creativity and diversity when it comes to the lyrics; 95% of lyrics are him talking about shit being thrown at him, even the simple three chord method of punk rock fails for GG. Even though It's sad that he was killed, that doesn't change how I feel about his music. The nation should hate GG Allin's "Hated In The Nation" Liberals and Conservatives united.


1.0 awfulmrpepperz | August 9th 17
4.0 excellentoltnabrick | April 30th 16
3.5 greatSandwichBubble | April 30th 16
4.0 excellentbobby72 | March 1st 16
2.5 averagekeshahatecrew | October 1st 15
3.0 goodyep123 | May 25th 15
4.0 excellentAngelboros | April 24th 15
4.0 excellentspongie68 | October 13th 14
2.5 averageCocioSeize | June 3rd 14
4.0 excellentDarkRecollections | December 5th 13
3.5 greataaronrkc | October 18th 13
5.0 classicXitiael | October 13th 13
2.0 poorjefflebowski | August 17th 13
4.0 excellentLerxstbutt | August 17th 13
3.5 greatvomitgrinddeath666 | July 24th 13
5.0 classicFatPrincess | May 27th 13
5.0 classictreeXfiddy | December 31st 12
3.0 goodfrowny | December 28th 12
3.0 goodZGP1992 | October 20th 12
3.5 greatVagitarianZombie | June 29th 12
4.0 excellentKatechon | May 8th 12
3.5 greatcartmanez | April 4th 12
5.0 classicjoyless | February 5th 12
4.0 excellentTwiddlebop | December 29th 11
5.0 classicThedeathrocker | November 5th 11
2.5 averagezosofellini | April 20th 11
3.5 greatStinkyWizzelteats | August 24th 10
4.0 excellentLifeW4asted | May 18th 10
3.5 greatRoshanC | March 17th 10

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