Eidola   Eviscerate
Release Date: 2024

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4.5 superbNikolas | April 12th 24

Holy shit. I didn't realize how much I NEEDED heavy Eidola in my life, but here it is. This shit
is fire.

And be careful, this MIGHT be a newly made alt account and there's a huge conspiracy to make it
highly rated. Because that REALLY matters! Careful guys, don't let the high ratings fool you!

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2.0 poorComatorium. | April 12th 24

Does anyone else remember when degeneraterra came out and this band had a bunch of randos make new accounts to 5 it and heap praise on it like it was the next coming of music itself? I remember.

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4.5 superbwhitefilipino | April 12th 24

everything i?ve always loved about Eidola, juiced up with some really fun metalcore flavoring. Instead of using heaviness as a selling point and buzzword, it?s merged delightfully in with their signature sound. excited to see where this goes

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2.5 averagebellovddd | April 15th 24

whilst i appreciate the heavier approach I really wish Andrew would just shut up.

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2.0 poorelephantREVOLUTION | April 14th 24

Nothing about the addition of the heavier elements feels organic. Wells is now taking on some of the harsh vocal duties, which seem intentionally produced and delivered in the most generic fashion possible to ensure placement on certain types of playlists. Even with the metalcore sections sounding forced, they still manage to be more interesting than the rest of the album, which just sounds like a tamer version of their past material. The noodly swancore-isms are toned down, the hooks are weak, the faux-deep concept is more overblown and in your face than ever, its just all around bad. r

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3.0 goodBrushedRed | April 14th 24

I?ve liked most everything since Degenereterra, but idk, I wasn?t feeling this one a ton. To Speak, to Listen and The Architect might be formulaic to a fault, but they were much more enjoyable listens than this. It?s lacking of really any hooks or really anything. It?s just heavy and chuggy without much of anything to keep my interest. There were a few songs sprinkled throughout that I found decent in tracks 5 through 8. But it felt like it breezed by me and ended out of nowhere. I was pretty hyped for this but was ultimately letdown. Maybe it will improve with more listens. We?ll see.

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3.5 greatjustsomelad | April 14th 24

I have to do some relistening but their first album still seems to be the most interesting out of all of them (genre switching, lyrical themes)rEnjoyable but a bit too generic for 2024

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2.5 averageShapeOfJizzToCum | April 13th 24

This band used to be interesting and at least unique enough to have a sound that felt like was theirs and i couldn't get from other adjacent bands. rSad to see them put out this djeneric metalcore bullshit. The album still has its moments and when they sound like Eidola they shine but the intro into the first track left such a bad taste in my mouth and that and so many other parts of this had me like, what band even fucking is this? Heavier =/= better. Also hilariously sad/typical that the lyrics telling a story about exploring diff philosophies and religions culminated in this christian toughguy bullshit.

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4.5 superblostndsurf | April 21st 24

Im really high on this album right now. Everything gets better with each listen. It still feels like Eidola but the heaviness translates really well. There was a lot of hype with last album The Architect. I liked some of there earlier stuff but I could never really get into . I wasn't sure it was me or if I heard I just heard more about it because DGD fans fell on love with Andrew. This one I went in blind and haven't been able to put it down.


3.0 goodartificialbox | April 19th 24

actually shocked by how much I don?t hate this. As a certified swancore hater I was expecting some absolute dogshit like Galleons or Wolf and Bear, but this is somehow way better than both of those bands last albums.


3.5 greatajcollins15 | April 18th 24

Eidola finds themselves navigating a transitional phase in their musical journey with their fifth album. While the band still retains elements of their swancore roots, there's a noticeable shift towards a heavier emphasis on metalcore and djent guitars. While the signature swancore cleans remain, they are accompanied by evolving ideas that signal a departure from their previous sound. "Eviscerate" stands as a solid album that reflects this transition, albeit with some moments of uncertainty. Particularly in the latter half of the album, the band ventures into awkward progressive metal tropes that feel somewhat premature. However, despite these missteps, the album remains a commendable effort and has the potential to grow on listeners with time.


3.5 greatiamSeraph | April 13th 24

The low-growled screams aren't the best from a technical standpoint tbh and the progressiveness is once more a bit too much for their own good, but other than that, it's another solid entry by Eidola. Just not as amazing as all their previous records.


4.0 excellentDefmytones | April 13th 24

First album of theirs I will spin more than twice and forget about. This is very solid front to back.


3.5 greatBro has djent in his pie | April 12th 24

Generic swancore except it's a bit heavier this time.


3.5 greatofftrailjeff | May 13th 24
4.5 superbBigBoofZone | May 11th 24
3.0 goodwildman69 | May 11th 24
3.0 goodghostknyght | May 8th 24
2.5 averageWalrusTusk | May 8th 24
3.5 greatYoYoMancuso STAFF | May 7th 24
4.5 superbelectrickeye | May 4th 24
4.0 excellentVanilla Scoop Rangler (don\'t come near me I have a gun) | April 30th 24
4.5 superbkarpatfalvi | April 26th 24
3.5 greatLassie | April 25th 24
2.5 averageHenderson | April 23rd 24
3.5 greatZack Lorenzen CONTRIBUTOR | April 22nd 24
3.0 goodnash1311 | April 22nd 24
4.5 superbSpideryMan | April 21st 24
2.5 averageitsalargeboat | April 20th 24
3.5 greatAffableMartyr | April 20th 24
3.0 goodRustCohle | April 20th 24
4.0 excellentVlexis | April 20th 24
3.0 goodrafalafa | April 20th 24
2.5 averagezuzek | April 19th 24
4.5 superbJohnFire | April 19th 24
3.5 greatrevenantpilot | April 19th 24
3.5 greatT5Cx | April 19th 24
4.0 excellentdanman777 | April 19th 24
3.5 greatCEO of Mathcore | April 19th 24
4.5 superbtellah | April 19th 24
3.5 greatzaktmt | April 18th 24
3.0 goodDORBUSCUS | April 17th 24
3.0 goodMatty CONTRIBUTOR | April 17th 24
3.0 goodLalka | April 17th 24
3.0 goodianjulian | April 16th 24
3.0 goodZombieParty | April 16th 24
3.5 greatbrunch | April 16th 24
3.0 goodGrande challenges, with an almost Swiftian level of defiance and hostility. | April 16th 24
4.0 excellentariich | April 15th 24
2.5 averagePistolPete | April 15th 24
3.0 goodSpicyPikachu1 | April 15th 24
3.5 greatVolKaroth | April 14th 24
3.5 greatDave S. M. | April 14th 24
4.5 superbSteventoinfinity | April 14th 24
3.0 goodJeanfreddy Gutierrez | April 14th 24
4.0 excellentErocktheGreatest | April 14th 24
3.0 goodNbehre11 | April 14th 24
4.0 excellentYankeeDudel | April 13th 24
3.5 greatkenli | April 13th 24
4.0 excellentKManoc1 | April 13th 24
4.0 excellentReviewsAndSuch1221 | April 13th 24
3.0 goodNBA | April 13th 24
4.0 excellentMarkTheDead | April 13th 24
3.5 greattinytim | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentBiscuitKnees | April 12th 24
3.0 goodThyCrossAwaits | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentautosacrifice | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentDaisyCutter | April 12th 24
3.5 greatjustajammin | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentMatthias812 | April 12th 24
4.5 superbbtbam99 | April 12th 24
4.5 superbbeachdude | April 12th 24
3.5 greatEarlgrey79 | April 12th 24
3.5 greatmentalgellar | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentLonelychair | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentChrysoar | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentiGuter | April 12th 24
4.0 excellentLotionLord | April 12th 24

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