The Ruby Suns   Fight Softly
Release Date: 2010

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3.0 goodShoegazer29 | May 24th 11

I consider The Ruby Suns previous album, "Sea Lion," something of an indie pop masterpiece, so "Fight Softly" had a lot to live up to when I first heard it. Though I welcome a change in sound, the songwriting here simply isn't as timeless or conducive to Ryan McPhun's talents as a guitar pop whiz. A couple tracks like "How Kids Fail" are great additions to their canon, otherwise this is a surprisingly standard indie affair.


5.0 classicEverAdrift | May 8th 10

I adored this album when it first came out and it has only grown on me more since then. I really am surprised at the many low scores the album receives, though I attribute it to the fact that Fight Softly isn't immediately accessible, it's not particularly traditional. The songs meander and only slowly reveal their intricacies, they don't necessarily follow standard song structures and therefor can be a bit 'difficult' at first. But once you really let the album sink in, with a good pair of headphones, I don't know how you can't see it as a psychedelic, sun-drenched masterpiece.


3.0 goodDonkey | March 9th 10

Fight Softly is a nice departure for their previous album, but doesn't leave you feeling complete. There is something missing in the way they did this album. It feels like the musicians were distracted.


2.0 poorSandwichBubble | March 5th 17
3.0 goodanobsoletevernacular | April 16th 15
3.0 goodGimmeAplomb | September 19th 13
3.5 greatchtrenne | December 3rd 12
3.5 greatfoxxxy | May 27th 12
4.0 excellentElastophasme | January 31st 12
2.5 averagebmitchell235 | November 16th 11
5.0 classicconfusionisben | February 14th 11
3.0 goodYotimi | November 28th 10
4.0 excellentBasman | November 22nd 10
2.0 poorDoubtGin | September 25th 10
3.0 goodChrisStingray1224 | September 22nd 10
4.5 superbfocksy | May 10th 10
2.5 averageAggravatedYeti | April 26th 10
2.0 poorck_ck | March 9th 10
2.5 averageKiran EMERITUS | March 8th 10
2.5 averageSkyler | March 5th 10
3.0 goodMikesn EMERITUS | March 5th 10
3.5 greatbarbarian | March 4th 10
1.0 awfulGoofus1488 | March 4th 10
1.5 very poorcharles2000 | March 2nd 10
4.5 superbImNotATaco | February 24th 10

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