Tapir!   The Pilgrim, Their God and The King Of My Decrepit Mountain
Release Date: 2024

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4.0 excellentajcollins15 | February 5th 24

The UK-based bedroom folk ensemble unveils a luminous and promising future for the expansive experimental folk scene through their inaugural album, "The Pilgrim, Their God, and the King of My Decrepit Mountain." Divided into three acts, seamlessly amalgamating their previous two EPs and culminating in a final act, the album presents a cohesive narrative that effortlessly flows. Each act encapsulates riveting instrumentals and innovative concepts, showcasing the depth of their artistic expression. Nevertheless, within each act, a standout track emerges alongside two others that may be perceived as mere filler. Act One, "The Pilgrim," introduces the grooving and progressive masterpiece, "On a Grassy Knoll, We'll Bow Together." Act Two, "Their God," features the haunting and crank wave-inspired "Gymnopédie," while the concluding Act, "The King of My Decrepit Mountain," boasts the transformative closing opus, "Mountain Song." In its entirety, Tapir's debut album is expansive and dynamic, marked by exceptional songwriting. However, there is room for improvement in crafting a more holistic listening experience to elevate their work to greater heights.

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3.4 greatErwann S. STAFF | February 12th 24

Tapir's debut is a suite of different acts that all are centered around an expansive folk tune - that means that every track that isn't said centerpiece is merely there to either serve as a buildup or a breather. Pretty buildups and breathers for sure, but the sheer force of tracks like "Gymnopedie" or the closer blow most of the other tracks out of the water - kudos to "My God" for being a good standalone song.


3.5 greatSlothy Seconds | February 20th 24
4.0 excellentDANcore | February 20th 24
3.0 goodMunsuLight | February 19th 24
3.0 goodmouldypigeon | February 19th 24
3.5 greatLacking | February 18th 24
3.5 greatwildman69 | February 17th 24
3.5 greatCurroSkywalker | February 14th 24
4.5 superbno.1 fred durst defender | February 14th 24
2.5 averageSnake. | February 9th 24
3.0 goodarf | February 9th 24
4.0 excellentSagacious13 | February 8th 24
2.0 poorBacon Josh | February 8th 24
4.0 excellentZIG | February 7th 24
2.5 averagetectactoe | February 5th 24
3.0 goodGerbilman | February 4th 24
2.5 averageMitch Worden STAFF | February 4th 24
3.5 greatitsalargeboat | February 4th 24
4.0 excellentNorth0House2 | February 4th 24
4.0 excellentHugoG | February 3rd 24
4.0 excellentanat CONTRIBUTOR | February 3rd 24
3.5 greatYankeeDudel | February 2nd 24
3.5 greatIf you want to generalise my electronic ratings at least check them on RYM first | February 2nd 24
3.8 excellentSunnyvale STAFF | February 1st 24
4.5 superbjcurry094 | January 31st 24
4.0 excellentSandwichBubble | January 27th 24

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