I See Stars   Anomaly / Drift
Release Date: 2023

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0.0 Bro has djent in his pie | May 19th 23

Imagine rating singles

1 Bumps | Bump

4.0 excellentpizzamachine | May 19th 23

It’s no Selena Gomez but still good thrash metal.


1.0 awfultommyhoover64 | May 18th 23

Lyricallly awful.. what made them worth listening to in the past is no more.. much like the word alive, this is very comparable. great early work that descends into droning radio rock with no substance but teen girls will like it


3.0 goodGoldenGuy444 | May 18th 23

Finally, after nearly 7 years since their last full length and this is what they have to show. They are good but not quite at the same level of tight focus that Treehouse displayed. Production sounds like an obvious evolution with its focuses more on airy spacious melodies using the breakdowns as more accents then as a crutch, however the it all sounds a bit muddy and lacks punch when it needs. I enjoy this side to them more generally, but this doesn't quite hit and high that Treehouse delivered. As long as the rest of the album continues (bare minimum) at this level then I will be pleased but not blown away. I can't help but think that Don Broco on their 2021 album did what I See Stars is doing here but better.


3.0 goodMatty CONTRIBUTOR | May 17th 23

I think a 3 is good for these songs. They're not bad by any means and they're fairly different from each other. Hoping for a bit more when the full length comes around but I'll be enjoying these until then.


3.0 goodJohn Henrique | May 17th 23

After a while without releases I see stars is back with two singles that present characteristics
of noise rock and industrial (mainly in the track Drift). I hope that the album goes like this at
least. 3/5.


3.0 goodsmokingroses69 | September 20th 23
3.0 goodtinytim | July 13th 23
4.0 excellentxeom | July 13th 23
2.5 averageitsalargeboat | June 22nd 23
2.5 averagenbats | June 20th 23
4.0 excellentHalez | May 31st 23
3.0 goodinherentkev | May 25th 23
3.0 goodAverageUser69 | May 25th 23
3.0 goodGregoriusV | May 19th 23
2.0 poorTranqyl | May 19th 23
2.5 averagekarlulol | May 19th 23
3.0 goodradianteclipse | May 18th 23
4.0 excellentSarah | May 18th 23
3.5 greatYour #1 Most Loved Semiaquatic, Egg-Laying Mammal | May 17th 23
2.0 poorAmbushReality | May 17th 23

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