Dead Man In Reno   Ideology
Ranking: #59 for 2009

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4.5 superbRay91 | July 28th 10

With this record Dead Man In Reno deliver a very good atmept to add new aspects to the Deathcoregenre.
They introduce nice melodies which are outsourced on a lot of other deathcorerecords(sadly) and itīs really heavy,with the raw and powerful exectued growls and screams,the crushing(but rare) breakdowns and some furious blastbeats.
What really stands out o this record are the guitars because you can here some really nice lead and solo work, like on Bete Noire,and some nice deathish riffing along with some decent chugging.
Despite the guitars arenīt anything you havenīt heard before theyīre quite refreshing and remind me a little bit of Between The Buried And Me,especially on the track Reveries Daybreak.
Another point is that there are cleanvocals.I know this draws a lot of people away,but here they are used sparely and only where itīs necessary(for example check the above-mentioned track).The voice itself isnīt anything special but it adds some diversity to the harsh vocals.
And not to forget:
thereīs a keyboard,and it really sounds nice combined with melodic licksn and sweeps and the deep growls by the frontman.
So if you like deathcore which isnīt as boring as most bands that come out of this genre this one might be for you.

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2.5 averageYUJOS | September 3rd 12

The debut album showed some premise but with their second release they decided to become an All Shall Perish clone with some clean vocals...


4.0 excellentPinkBlackberry | June 18th 10

such a fantastic band. I had NO idea that this CD was even out. I had heard that there was supposed to be a new LP from these guys but to see it actually came out, and I had not heard..I..I am speechless. I'm sad that I was missing out.
Very awesome CD, these guys really know how to throw down some sick jams.


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