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4.5 superbMdetelj | December 14th 09

I first heard of this a few months back. I was excited. Now I have it...and I am alone in the bathroom, hands in pants and expressing my love. Great work, and a fresh expansion from both bands. The inclusion of Ashley came out of nowhere for me, as I had no idea she associated herself with these guys. None the less, perfect fit.

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4.5 superb0ctahedronzz | February 8th 10

Somebody give this piece of magic a review. It's been my first pick when I turn the Zune on for the last 2 weeks now XD.

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4.5 superbUnskathed123 | December 2nd 09

Absolutely astonishing album once you get used to the unique vocal approach. Anyone who likes The Always Open Mouth will enjoy the vocals though. Great band.

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4.5 superbcrowing51 | July 24th 10

I found about about this band because of the BTBAM song 'swim to the moon.' The guy singing is in this band which im glad i found this out because this album is just amazing.


4.5 superbkarlos | June 14th 10

Awesome piece of art. I like specially the keyboards and the kiddish voices...


4.5 superbIRAI | April 2nd 10

Fear Before meets BTBAM, with a lot more of prominent keyboard and piano influences mixed into this.
And its about science, more of a plus.
Solid. Solid. Solid stuff.
You should get it.


4.0 excellentHaloDude442 | March 27th 10

I like this. I like to see the BTBAM guitar skills being put to a band with more clean than harsh vocals. I also like Fear Before and the vocalist, so I really like this band. Its like a bunch of the new wave prog bands decided to make a throwback album to their influences. Its good stuff. This needs a review on the site though.


4.5 superberinxduh | February 27th 10

Hauntingly surreal. I don't quite get the science obsession here but the sounds calm & get to me like no other. If you liked Fear Before's self titled 2008 album Try Orbs--
I can't stop listening to it.


3.5 greatYoungStephenBrilloo | February 19th 10

As fan of Between The Buried and Me, I was very much interested in hearing what a member of this group would join as a side project, (let's exclude my interest for Giles XD) and I was utterly impressed. For artwork that looks like it was taken out of a National Geographic, this album rips. Progressive metal, with hints of punk and pop give this album a twist of heaviness and jam worthy groove, while at the same time providing soft and soothing attachments.
Some highlighted tracks: A Man of Science, The Northwestern Bearitories: b) Kid Cancer, Eclipsical


4.0 excellentWaior | January 25th 10

Enveloping atmospheres and random bouts of progginess make for whole lot of what the fuck and a super solid listen.


4.0 excellentjrowa001 | December 23rd 09

the vocals do get a bit bothersome but only on a couple tracks. i really like the music on this album and the lyrics are pretty cool. the girl keyboardist is awesome and she gives the album a nice atmosphere. i can see this album becoming a late addition to my best of '09 list


3.5 greatBallsToTheWall | December 20th 09

Albums not too shabby.


0.0 Motiv3 | December 20th 09

One of the most overlooked albums of 09... for now. Orbs unique take on prog rock with an edge of 90's space is simply divine. Unique vocal approach takes some getting used to but is totally worth it. If you don't believe me, listen to the closer eclipiscal, its one of the songs of the year. Oh and Ashley is fucking amazing.


4.5 superbTw1ster | December 6th 09

This album has really come out of nowhere for me. Easily a top album of the year for me. Some of the most unique music I have heard in a long time. Space-prog is how I will classify it, but really comparing this band to anyone else is pretty well impossible. Also, best use of keys on an album this year. Ashley rocks


5.0 classicRevengeSoldier | December 4th 09

Every moment on this album feels unique, making it very memorable. There aren't many flaws in this album that I could possibly think of, apart from the vocals need some adjusting to (unless you already ARE used to them to a degree via Fear Before). Otherwise, imaginative work which spans from the trippy, to tech-y, to the catchy.


4.0 excellentuberajnn | August 28th 10
3.0 goodX3ni92 | August 14th 10
4.0 excellentMyDearWormwood | August 6th 10
2.0 poorFrankenhole | August 3rd 10
4.0 excellentCerpinTaxt | August 1st 10
4.5 superbroberthatesnigs | August 1st 10
3.5 greatmammatus | July 27th 10
5.0 classicwhydoesthatscumexist | July 26th 10
4.0 excellentDoubtGin | July 24th 10
3.5 greatBlindsided | July 13th 10
2.5 averagegreg84 EMERITUS | July 8th 10
4.0 excellentVengeance | July 5th 10
4.5 superbColliiiin | June 19th 10
3.5 greatmultipleofone | June 15th 10
3.5 greatThor | June 14th 10
4.5 superbcrazyblinddude | June 10th 10
3.5 greatJosh D. | June 9th 10
4.0 excellentn3cr0ph4g1st | May 19th 10
3.5 greatCrackTheSkye | May 18th 10
3.5 greatYordy | May 7th 10
3.0 goodAnotherBrick | April 23rd 10
3.5 greatPlutonio | April 23rd 10
3.5 greatalachlahol | April 7th 10
4.0 excellentTRMshadow | April 6th 10
4.0 excellentTANNHAUSER | March 25th 10
5.0 classicl3pr0sy | March 11th 10
4.0 excellentgonzab | March 10th 10
3.5 greatRalphims | March 8th 10
5.0 classicPactoren | March 8th 10
3.5 greatjoshc | March 5th 10
4.0 excellentVampolka | February 27th 10
3.0 goodmusicConsumer | February 17th 10
4.0 excellentTracedInAir | February 8th 10
4.0 excellentingystyle | January 27th 10
5.0 classicsweeptehsweepz | January 23rd 10
4.5 superbsyco722 | January 18th 10
3.5 greatLaChance | January 6th 10
4.5 superbKidCancer | January 2nd 10
4.0 excellentapplesoup | December 27th 09
4.0 excellentsixstrings89 | December 25th 09
3.0 goodPowerban | December 23rd 09
4.0 excellentaskbill | December 23rd 09
4.0 excellentmarksellsuswallets | December 23rd 09
4.5 superbScapeswood | December 23rd 09
3.5 greathatehatehatehate | December 20th 09
4.5 superbStones99 | December 20th 09
4.5 superbdylanthedesertpea | December 17th 09
4.0 excellentbananajam | December 13th 09
4.0 excellentsupertouchox2 | December 13th 09
3.0 goodFeralMemories | December 8th 09
3.0 goodSkyler | December 7th 09
4.5 superbKritikalMotion | December 7th 09
4.0 excellentianjulian | December 3rd 09
4.0 excellentSomeKindOfChampion | December 2nd 09
4.5 superbIluvatar EMERITUS | December 2nd 09
4.5 superbSi1v3RfaNg | December 1st 09
4.0 excellentBigTuna | November 30th 09
4.0 excellentInFiction

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