Burial   Streetlands
Release Date: 2022

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0.0 Scoot | November 21st 22

why doesn't he just go back to what made him successful


3.5 greatBedex | November 21st 22

Slightly puzzling this one. I really appreciate the extremely minimal ambience crafted by 1, and continued somewhat too long by 2. You can really see the nighttime London images/documentary playing before your eyes, even though especially on 1 there are practically no sounds to speak of. 3 springs a bit out of nowhere if I'm honest with its Vangelis-ish, old timey synths arpeggio based flavor of ambient coupled with some esoteric vocals you could find on some BBC archaeological documentary about an old lost civilization, and its abrupt shifts in volume and space filling, going to much darker places, then back to the arpeggios. Don't get me wrong, I like the ideas it presents, but I am a bit confused as to how they stick with the prior two tracks, or indeed with themselves. The track is cool but is a clusterfak patchwork of things. 3.4


3.0 goodErwann S. STAFF | October 30th 22

Beatless Burial continues his deeds. While Bevan knows how to build a potent atmosphere, I feel it would heavily benefit from an occasional garage beat. Nevertheless, I didn't feel utter boredom when listening to this, contrary to [i]Antidawn/i]. 3.0


2.5 averageajcollins15 | October 27th 22

Burial has always had a real eye for creating these extremely angelic yet dystopian sounds that it?s extremely easy to envision a movie or TV show scene being created from the music. Like with this new EP it sounds like the distance of something horrible about to unfold but you are peacefully waiting for it to come and enjoying the current bliss of it all. With that being said this new EP is not exactly potent enough to keep it going on in the background. The extremely subtle progressions make for a very lackluster apex when it does come. Plus I have a hard time getting through some of the very slow progressions, to begin with.


2.5 averageLol I Heard The New Lights Album Isnt On Spotify So Tundra Cant Add It To His Playlist | May 4th 23
4.5 superbbighubba | May 4th 23
4.0 excellentSheno1138 | April 6th 23
3.0 good2ool | February 28th 23
3.5 greatpitchforkrates | February 26th 23
4.5 superbindiemind14 | February 18th 23
3.5 greatmrManxxx | February 17th 23
3.0 goodtheDanger | February 14th 23
3.5 greatcheck bladee | January 4th 23
2.5 averageBased Cardiacs Enjoyer | December 23rd 22
3.0 goodSmevin | December 2nd 22
3.0 goodRisodo | November 29th 22
4.5 superbJrzg85 | November 7th 22
4.0 excellentgg901goody | November 5th 22
3.0 goodthere is NO and I repeat NOOOO vocal talent to even make this a classic at all. All it is RAH RAH RA | November 5th 22
3.5 greathal qaeda | November 3rd 22
3.0 goodmatzo | October 31st 22
2.5 averagesebasthebarbar | October 31st 22
3.5 greatCaptain3 | October 28th 22
3.0 goodBrian Meeth | October 27th 22
3.0 goodFrank - the rater of 3.5 | October 25th 22
3.0 goodrevenantpilot | October 25th 22
4.0 excellenta plain figure with eight straight sides and eight angles. CONTRIBUTOR | October 24th 22
3.5 greatJamieNovak | October 23rd 22
4.0 excellentXXMurdaBeatzXX | October 22nd 22
3.5 greatovisamsa | October 21st 22
3.0 goodOSEL | October 21st 22
3.5 greatHenderson | October 21st 22
4.0 excellentoltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick | October 21st 22
2.5 averageYotimi | October 21st 22

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