Satyr   Totem
Release Date: 2022

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4.0 excellentbellovddd | March 1st 23

These dudes are legit. Guitar work is special. The hate on this album is weird yo.

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2.5 averageMitch Worden EMERITUS | July 2nd 22

Issue isn't the playing itself, this is pretty much par for the genre (if not less compared to fellow bands). Every song just sounds nauseatingly linear and similar to each other. Seems more to me like things are played far too safe here.

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2.5 averageWilda444 | July 2nd 22

Loved their first full length. I think this album is a bit of a miss for me. Obviously their playing ability is off the charts. If you take each instrument in isolation, it’s pretty impressive from a technical standpoint. Some tracks feel way too much like a “riff salad” for me. I understand this genre doesn’t really follow a simple song structure, but some of the tracks are just all over the place and don’t seem to lead or build to anything. Vector is the one track where I feel they expanded on one or two ideas instead of trying to cram 50 things into a 4 min song. Again technical playing ability does not always translate to good song writing. Also vocally, it’s just sounding all the same to me. Their harmonies and chord choices are almost so crazy that it’s really hard to write musical vocals that make sense and feel like they are a part of the song. Drums are phenomenal and mix/production is next level for sure. It’s a fun listen but not sure I will be going back for more like I did with their first LP. Stand out tracks to me are Vector and Totem. I also love their 2 interlude tracks.

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4.0 excellentCEO of Mathcore | July 1st 22

More of what they were already doing, but a great follow up nonetheless


4.0 excellentbowlermicah | July 1st 22

It feels a bit samey, but their own brand of samey this time. A very cool mix of PTH instrumentally, Emery with the clean vocals, and some very nice heavier sections that sound beefier than they did in the past. I'll definitely come back to this more than their previous efforts.


4.0 excellentGreyShadow | July 1st 22

Satyr push the boundaries on everything established in their debut to such massive degrees of
success. Their knack for constant complex rhythms and feels is something almost none of their
swancore contemporaries are utilizing which further helps them stand out among the rest. I'd
argue that this album solidifies that they do have a bit of a shtick at this point which, pro, is
very cool and as I just basically said, unique but on the other hand, with a whole album's worth
of material in this same vein it's hard to not notice that it feels a bit samey. But for as tight
as this is, I can definitely overlook that for now.


4.0 excellentJeanfreddy Gutierrez | December 19th 23
4.0 excellentGeorgeOkja68 | August 15th 23
3.5 greatShapeOfJizzToCum | April 11th 23
4.5 superbn3cr0ph4g1st | March 2nd 23
4.0 excellentNbehre11 | March 1st 23
3.5 greatelry2k | February 21st 23
3.5 greatReviewsAndSuch1221 | February 15th 23
3.0 goodKrelkin | December 2nd 22
3.5 greatOohFrittata | November 25th 22
4.0 excellenttellah | August 14th 22
2.5 averageInvariance67 | August 5th 22
4.0 excellentDavidPrincipe29 | July 18th 22
2.5 averageJKoppe | July 12th 22
4.0 excellentEarlgrey79 | July 11th 22
3.0 goodelephantREVOLUTION | July 5th 22
2.5 averagesebasthebarbar | July 4th 22
3.0 goodSlothy Seconds | July 4th 22
5.0 classicZoinks | July 2nd 22
3.5 greatAdoreSwancore | July 2nd 22
2.5 averageOwMySnauze | July 2nd 22
4.0 excellentnash1311 | July 1st 22
4.0 excellentNine | July 1st 22
3.5 greatRobert Davis | July 1st 22
3.5 greatNBA | July 1st 22
3.0 goodmonocaust | July 1st 22

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