Logic   Vinyl Days
Release Date: 2022

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2.5 averagePanzerchrist | June 24th 22

Logic writing bars about fantasizing about killing Anthony Fantano based on bad reviews is pretty fucking weird ngl

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3.5 greatColton | June 17th 22

this site would be on this so hard if they weren't worried about being made fun of for
liking a Logic album

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0.0 mrdogthrow | June 17th 22

we all expected logic to come out of retirement the moment he announced retirement

but we didn't expect to be an actually decent comeback

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4.5 superbajcollins15 | June 23rd 22

I don?t think anyone believed Logic when he retired, but it makes sense now why; burnout. Everyone at some point in their life will experience burnout in some form. However once Logic walked away for a time, he rekindled his original love for hip-hop and what drew him to the genre originally. Well on ?Vinyl Days? I believe we get the best version of Logic we have ever seen, and it comes from a place I think Logic is happy to be. This album feels original and from the heart which makes it a truly inspirational listen. It might be a classic boom-bap record, but man do these tracks hit extremely hard. Truly great to listen from front to back and really my biggest negative is that it can be a bit too long when you really sit down to listen to it.

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3.5 greatlg433 | June 17th 22

decent raps over good beats

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3.0 goodXSebbyMcMuffinX | November 24th 22

Alright, I guess I'm starting my Thanksgiving with "it's the birth of the black white boy! Retire for what!?" Not bad, but I still can't help but feel like there's something central that's missing. I think... Maybe the over-aggressive bars and awkward skits are kind of revealing how neurotic this dude is (not that neurotic is inherently bad). I can't say this is bad rap, but I'm not sure what it is I'm supposed to hang on to and want to revisit. The beats aren't incredible, but they're solid. The flows sound good (which wasn't necessarily the issue with his worse albums, this was always the strong point, though it was because he was lifting styles off people too blatantly), but I don't really have any particular meanings, feelings, or reflections that I find inspiring or significantly relatable. Still a lot of style lifts that are obvious to me, making this clearly feel like a boom bap sampler. Just my take.


0.0 Ebola | July 11th 22

Feel it in my bald spot, Anthony Fantano

You plaid-shirt-wearing motherfucker, ayo

Ayo, I used to hate you 'cause you shit on my music

But now we homies, I take your criticism and use it

I used to fantasize about murdering you

Choking you to death and watching from your point of view


2.0 poordakotadsmith | July 11th 22

LaDonda is probably the worst Hip Hop song I've ever heard


0.0 AffableMartyr | June 19th 22

There are a couple of great songs on here, a lot of filler tracks tho


4.0 excellentJosh-D | November 9th 22
2.0 poorARDCWE | November 3rd 22
3.5 greatErocktheGreatest | October 26th 22
3.0 goodpitchforkrates | October 17th 22
2.5 averageTrey STAFF | October 17th 22
4.0 excellentjoshisnotokay | October 1st 22
4.0 excellentkalli15 | September 12th 22
3.5 greatYankeeDudel | August 16th 22
4.0 excellentRisodo | August 10th 22
2.0 poortectactoe | August 10th 22
2.5 averageOlegsandr | August 2nd 22
3.0 goodcharlopiano | July 25th 22
3.5 greattheneedledrop | July 24th 22
2.0 poorlarrythecucumber_smoking_thedevilslettuce.jpeg | July 15th 22
4.5 superbXXMurdaBeatzXX | June 28th 22
3.0 good5FlavoredVapeJuice | June 28th 22
2.5 averagetruekebabpower | June 27th 22
5.0 classicZoinks | June 25th 22
2.5 averagejmh886 | June 23rd 22
4.0 excellentKrissWatts | June 22nd 22
3.5 greatEm1994 | June 22nd 22
3.0 goodGodLovesUgly | June 21st 22
3.0 goodMatthias812 | June 21st 22
2.5 averagejtswope | June 20th 22
3.5 greatslipandslide | June 20th 22
4.0 excellenttheoceanfloor | June 19th 22
2.5 averagewasteofpaint31 | June 19th 22
3.5 greatKuna | June 19th 22
4.0 excellentRadioNew03 | June 18th 22
3.5 greatalexrupert | June 18th 22
4.0 excellentmeto | June 18th 22
3.5 greatWorst User of All Time Agreed | June 18th 22
3.5 greatsblevins95 | June 18th 22
4.0 excellentRelinquish | June 17th 22
4.0 excellentNights | June 17th 22
3.5 greatMutantsnowstorm | June 17th 22
2.5 averagenbats | June 17th 22
3.5 greatAxeToFall93 | June 17th 22
3.0 goodTrash | June 17th 22
3.5 greatmothsogling1 | June 17th 22
3.0 goodSinNanna | June 17th 22
4.5 superbathul | June 17th 22
3.5 greatNine | June 17th 22

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