Ruins   Tzomborgha
Release Date: 2002

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5.0 classicSkapalPes | December 9th 14

This is a tenth album by Japanese band Ruins, their last as a bass and drums duo. This band always makes me happy, what is sometimes a welcome change after all that serious and depressive metal music I am listening for most of time :-).
I can still remember their concert maybe 20 years ago on one small underground festival in Brno, CZ... you should see the people... nobody really knew them but after few quick songs there were nobody who would not have a big smile on his face and a good, good time. Their enthusiasm, precision and craziness got everybody, me included. I don`t know their entire discography, but this one works perfect for me... two virtuos musicians are ruining all common rules in making music and I can feel they still have a big joy of creating it in their very special way. People try to put them in some box like experimental rock, math rock, zeuhl, noise rock, whatever (I can add some more: crazy fusion or jazz punk)... the fact is they are just extraordinary and surely not for everyone. Anarchy supported by big discipline and perfection ... non-sense? I don`t think so...
Do you know they wanted to start a band as a trio back in 1985, but guitarist didn`t come to their first rehearsal, so they made a band without him :-) ?
P.S.: They even have Black Sabbath medley and Mahavishnu Orchestra medley at the end of the album... you should really check it out!


3.0 goodYankeeDudel | February 7th 18
3.5 greatpathetic | November 29th 17
4.0 excellentowen | November 12th 17
3.5 greattmthycnnlly | November 1st 17
3.0 goodscaruffi | October 7th 17
4.0 excellentCOOLDUDE12 | January 21st 17
4.0 excellentSandwichBubble | November 18th 16
4.0 excellentFranticDisemboweler | November 2nd 16
3.0 goodGhandhiLion | May 15th 16
4.0 excellentdefend pop punk | April 5th 16
3.0 gooddiscovolante | January 27th 16
3.5 greatbeenees | September 21st 14
4.0 excellentmodulor | June 16th 14
4.0 excellentNecrotica | March 9th 14
4.0 excellentpitchforkdotcom | June 14th 13
4.0 excellentwhitefinger | February 9th 13
4.0 excellentWeepingBanana | October 21st 12
4.5 superbBadgerOverdose | April 26th 12
4.0 excellentBlade86 | October 18th 11
4.0 excellentDoubtGin | July 20th 10
4.0 excellentSebaceousSecretion | May 31st 10
3.5 greatdreamobile | May 28th 10
3.5 greatJruined | April 12th 10
3.5 greatSet | October 15th 09

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