Float Face Down   Bury Your Beliefs
Release Date: 2008

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4.5 superbX666X | May 20th 12

float face down is one of the heaviest bands ever and i think there music brakes your face. honestly there singer is probably the most brutal crowd killer ive ever seen like ive seen him knock kids out that got in his way its so sick. their like really heavy and sonically crushing like really thick guitars its like metal distortion but it sounds clean its really heavy idk. the picture of the buzzsaws is heavy.

like i dont know if i like the word brutal because all of the poser kids talk about how bring me the horizon is brutal and then i show them this and they ask me if i worship the devil. and then i tell them no i dont worship the devil im not goth youre probably closer to being goth i mean youre like scene emo and listen to bring me the horizon lmao. its usually slutty girls that act like i probably want them but dont realize i have standards lmao.

i guess its because the scene kids here like breakdowns and think thats what heavy but they arent used to that really low death metal voice. i can do pretty good inhales i think but this guy is like really good at it. hes so badass man hes like 6'4" and just kills people at shows. his higher screams are pretty cool they dont sound like a fag getting it in his butt like stupid scene bands either. in the domino effect theres this cool shredding part where he does the highs and lows over each other and it goes into the sickest slow breakdown ever. like i here that part and just want to punch all of the scene kids lol. i really think if your into heavy *** you should check this out cause like its really sick. i wanna see more people at there shows.

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