Banks   Serpentina
Release Date: 2022

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3.0 goodThe Aspie Fantastie | April 20th 22

Career-long up-and-comer Banks made another vague statement for her vague persona. At least the production is always crisp and banging.

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2.5 averageajcollins15 | April 16th 22

I kind of see something here, but overall it?s an average alt-pop album that dabbles more and more in typical trap elements and then doesn?t exactly compliment her singing style. Also, some of the songs come off as super awkward, or some tracks sound like Ariana Grande rip-offs.


3.5 greatBedex | April 10th 22

I think this is a fairly underwhelming offering from Banks, and that's not just because I really liked the previous one. The complex production value is still there, and there aren't really any tracks that are properly unpleasant - it just feels all flat and I struggle to think of a single track that truly wowed me. There's a lot of soft, mildly convincing tracks that just pass, e.g. 4,8,9,12, and the balladey 13 which was a terrible way to end the album considering my overall feeling. The opener is fun, but already 2 feels like an underbaked mid album filler song rather than what should be a banger to start on. The record feels like it is shaking keys at you and changing sounds all the time and adding little things to keep your attention but it only semi works. 3 is kinda cool, and 5 is more in your face which helps even though I'm not sure I love it. 6 is closer to III and is a fine single, but it is 7 which is truly my favourite here and a good reminder of older Banks. 10 is a fun lighter track but ends on a fadeout, and 11 is the most fun track here with its intro and beat. But yea there's hardly a jam to be found here. 3.3


3.0 goodMegabomberman | August 31st 22
3.0 goodCoast | August 31st 22
3.5 greatwwf | May 11th 22
3.0 goodTrey STAFF | May 3rd 22
2.5 averageBrandon Taylor | May 3rd 22
3.0 goodXhoven | April 29th 22
3.0 goodtruekebabpower | April 28th 22
3.5 greatXXMurdaBeatzXX | April 28th 22
2.0 poorthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | April 22nd 22
3.5 greatJakeStallion | April 20th 22
2.5 averageJohnyBlood | April 18th 22
2.5 averageOobaloo | April 16th 22
4.0 excellentEcnalzen | April 16th 22
3.5 greatmatzo | April 14th 22
2.5 averagebharry | April 14th 22
3.0 goodPistolPete | April 13th 22
3.5 greatTrash | April 13th 22
3.5 greatJohnFire | April 12th 22
3.0 goodEldave93 | April 10th 22
3.5 greatrelibee2 | April 10th 22
3.5 greatbigguytoo9 | April 9th 22
3.5 greatPumpBoffBag CONTRIBUTOR | April 9th 22
4.5 superbbluejasmine | April 9th 22
3.5 greatDANcore | April 8th 22
4.0 excellentBrandonMZ | April 8th 22

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