The Trashmen   Surfin' Bird
Release Date: 1963

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3.0 goodThePalestMexican | May 24th 10

You haven't heard? It was to my understanding you had heard about the word. That the word that the bird is the word. A-BA-BA BIRD BIRD BIRD'S THE WORD!

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3.0 goodAndy H. B. | May 23rd 10

bbbbird bird bird, the bird is the word, bird bird bird, bird is the word
bababa ooma mow mow baba oomow mmow.

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3.5 greatTeacherlisakc | June 29th 15

Not bad. Just not bad. I say that every single time I listen to this songrcalled ?Surfin? Bird? by the Trashmen. I?d rate it 7.5 or 8 out of 10.rTheir song was so good, it was their biggest hit! The genre is rock n rroll and when I first heard it, It was really catchy of how they sung it. rThe Trashmen are Tony Andreason, who took the lead guitar, DalrWinslow played the lead guitar, Steve Wahrer played the drums, and Bob Reed is the bass guitar. They've been here for 53 years and a lot of people know about them. 1962-Now. Their previous album was released in 2014 and it was called, ?Deke Dickerson and The Trashmen presents: Bringing back the trash.? I think the meaning of this song means they wonder what the word of the bird is. An example of lyrics from the song are, ?A-Well-A everybody?s heard about the bird.? They are good and fast players of their instruments. Fans would be happy if they saw The Trashmen sing Surfin Bird.


3.0 goodI.M. Zig | March 11th 15

Well everybody's heard about the bird!


3.5 greatFriday13th | January 3rd 14

I'm sorry. What in fact is the word?


4.0 excellent05McDonaldT | March 14th 11

I don't think this one really needs an explanation. Bird is the wooorrrdddd!!!!!!!!


0.0 andcas | May 24th 10

a wella bird bird bird a bird is the word.


0.0 Comatorium. | May 24th 10



3.5 greatMinushuman24 | January 26th 19
4.0 excellentpeachykeen | January 26th 19
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5.0 classicManifestDecadence | November 26th 10
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3.5 greatAzeta86 | September 19th 09

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