Wide Eyes   Oneironaut
Release Date: 2021

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3.5 greatTundra | November 27th 21

This is bonkers, holy crap. 20 tracks 2 hrs long. It's definitely excessive, but as a
fan, this is great news. I suggest new listeners listen to Terraforming first before
anything else, as it's their most concise outing so far, however. At the time I wasn't
convinced that Paradoxica was just an appetizer for what's to come on a new record down
the road, as that EP already felt so complete, in and of itself, imo. This work is a
mammoth and I'd only recommend the most diehard of fans to delve into this 2-hour
instrumental prog metal marathon. Its definitely not without its faults, a lot of the
songs can range from great to even mediocre, but I will say the final track on the album
entitled Olivion is one of the best this album has to offer.

Edit: the bloatedness definitely hinders on repeated listens. I do think Paradoxica and
Terriforming are better records than this overall, not being two hours long also helps. I
definitely jumped the gun on giving this anymore than a 3.5, the bands ambition is
admirable, but it's just... not unique enough to stay afloat for the whole 2 hours.

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3.0 goodBlud N'Gore Vidal | December 8th 21

I'm oneiroNOT happy with how much the teenager inside me is having a field day with this. The tones are gorgeous and the sheer volume of ear candy on display is staggering. However, gratuitous wankery has a ceiling, and Wide Eyes brush way too hard against this ceiling on this record and it can only be recognized as such. Less is so often more it hurts


2.0 poorsokorny | December 7th 21

I find instrumental bands can be very hit or miss, this album is a HUGE miss. The muscianship is fine, however the song writer is drab to say the least and after a minute of listening to any of the songs you're done (the first four tracks could have been condensed down to a single 4 minute song and you wouldn't have missed anything). The songs also don't flow at all together (although only a few of the songs change up the tempo and rhythm) ... it's pretty much the same track over and over and over. Maybe if you like mediocre bands trying to replicate Animals As Leaders (poorly) and then they over indulge in their mediocrity check out this album.


4.0 excellentBeardsandBlastbeats | January 21st 22
3.5 greatjpturk21 | January 19th 22
3.0 goodBandit1786 | January 10th 22
4.0 excellentCoolNameGuy | January 9th 22
3.5 greatMacck | December 12th 21
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | December 6th 21
4.5 superbjsredna | December 5th 21
4.5 superbTJPurple192 | December 4th 21
4.0 excellentEarlgrey79 | December 2nd 21
4.5 superbAbove313 | December 1st 21
3.5 greatjustajammin | November 30th 21
4.5 superbProtestTheLegacy | November 30th 21
2.0 poorPikazilla | November 30th 21
4.0 excellentNorwichScene | November 30th 21
4.5 superbOobaloo | November 29th 21
5.0 classicIntenseSerenity | November 28th 21
4.0 excellentcounterparts | November 28th 21
4.0 excellentOwMySnauze | November 28th 21
4.5 superbDmax28 | November 27th 21
5.0 classickaknaka | November 27th 21

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