Wide Eyes   Oneironaut
Release Date: 2021

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5.0 classicBro has djent in his pie | November 27th 21

Wide Eyes have really outdone themselves here, Oneironaut is a whopping 2 hrs in length,
spanning 20 tracks of music. They are an instrumental progressive metal and djent band,
keeping the spirit of the genre alive and well with this album. Wide Eyes have always had
a tremendous ear for fantastic melodic choices, and this album is no exception. The lead
work is absolutely stellar, going in tandem, perfectly in sync with the riffs. Lots of
post-metal moments too, which is also a signature aspect to this sound, the album paints
a brilliant picture of a sci fi journey, almost like you're walking across mars. There is
nigh a dull moment on this album and while some may find it too long, the quality is
consistently great throughout, so it doesnt bother me personally.

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3.0 goodBlud Vidal | December 8th 21

I'm oneiroNOT happy with how much the teenager inside me is having a field day with this. The tones are gorgeous and the sheer volume of ear candy on display is staggering. However, gratuitous wankery has a ceiling, and Wide Eyes brush way too hard against this ceiling on this record and it can only be recognized as such. Less is so often more it hurts

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3.0 goodInvariance67 | October 26th 22

Taken as a whole, this album is simply too long. There is not enough variety to justify listening through this album in one sitting. While most of the individual songs are brilliant, taking the listener through a range of twists and turns, with interesting recurring motifs and compositional ideas, it does start to blend together after the first thirty minutes or so. Some songs should have just been cut altogether. rWith an album this massive, one questions how the band intends for fans to listen to it; do they seriously expect us to listen for 2 hours straight? An album such as this is better experienced in chunks than it is as a whole. The nuances of each section become apparent when experienced this way, but when experienced as a whole, fatigue dulls the listeners ear to any articulation. rI realize that this sounds pretty negative so far, but I did enjoy my time with this record, and a year later after its release, I can't stop returning to it. Oneironaut it is the kind of record you can sink into, and immerse yourself in. You get to know it better over time; it opens up for you with repeated listens. Sadly, it's just too long to be enjoyed in one sitting. So do yourself a favor, and take this one slow; piece by piece. It is absolutely worth your time, if you listen to it correctly. r(I currently have a "revised" version of this album sitting in my Spotify, where I've cut the songs that I personally feel should have been left out. I would give that version a 4.5 but as it stands this album deserves a 3.)


5.0 classicSpideryMan | June 16th 22

Lets face it, pure "Djent" hasn't really been a big thing in awhile. It's a genre that has been so
influential that it's been homogonized into several other metal subgenres. This is precisely why
Wide Eyes cracking open a portal to that golden era of ultra crystaline clear production and lush
noodly soundscapes for a solid 2 hours is such a saving grace for the genre, instrumental djent
moreso as many of the genres flag bearers have been SLACKING (looking at you AAL) so, yeah. If
your middle/high-school years were spent drifiting in that high-concept sci-fi world djent is oh
so well equipped at creating. This can't go unnoticed. Wide Eyes may even be finished, this may be
their swan song, but it is such a pitch perfect note to go out on I doubt anyone can complain.


2.0 poorsokorny | December 7th 21

I find instrumental bands can be very hit or miss, this album is a HUGE miss. The muscianship is fine, however the song writer is drab to say the least and after a minute of listening to any of the songs you're done (the first four tracks could have been condensed down to a single 4 minute song and you wouldn't have missed anything). The songs also don't flow at all together (although only a few of the songs change up the tempo and rhythm) ... it's pretty much the same track over and over and over. Maybe if you like mediocre bands trying to replicate Animals As Leaders (poorly) and then they over indulge in their mediocrity check out this album.


3.5 greatZakusz | March 18th 22
3.5 greatDave S. M. | February 24th 22
4.0 excellentjpturk21 | January 19th 22
3.0 goodBandit1786 | January 10th 22
4.0 excellentCoolNameGuy | January 9th 22
3.5 greatMacck | December 12th 21
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | December 6th 21
4.5 superbjsredna | December 5th 21
4.5 superbTJPurple192 | December 4th 21
4.0 excellentEarlgrey79 | December 2nd 21
4.5 superbAbove313 | December 1st 21
3.5 greatjustajammin | November 30th 21
4.5 superbProtestTheLegacy | November 30th 21
2.0 poorPikazilla | November 30th 21
4.0 excellentNorwichScene | November 30th 21
4.5 superbOobaloo | November 29th 21
5.0 classicIntenseSerenity | November 28th 21
4.0 excellentcounterparts | November 28th 21
4.0 excellentOwMySnauze | November 28th 21
4.5 superbDmax28 | November 27th 21
5.0 classickaknaka | November 27th 21

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