Smile Empty Soul   Consciousness
Release Date: 2009

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0.0 Qualie | July 21st 11

Honestly, this album defined generic. The common themes were about the breakups, and how much life sucks. Way to bland for my taste. The vocals were the only real standout on this album. Don't recommend it to be honest.

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1.5 very poor100percentVitaminC | September 23rd 09

They've completely lost their "hardcore"/social outcast edge, their only quality that set them apart, somewhat, which had been slipping after Anxiety was recorded.
There are no inspiring riffs or rhythms, there are no poetic lyrics (unless you like Jesus!), there is no originality, there is... nothing.

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3.0 goodjmorris724 | June 2nd 11

A bit boring. There's some songs on here that are good.


5.0 classicRadioinahole | September 4th 09

I give it a 5 because to me it's soo amazing. Much better album then Vultures. They turned the clock a little and didnt add so much heavy stuff this time. They kind of adjusted with the times in many of the new songs like Stay Alive, Alone With Nothing, Compromise. O' Lord is so great, Sean talks of his drinking problems and trying to get through it all. By the way Sean Danielsen is the most SEXY guy ever hehehe. Anyways The album is so great. It has some classic hardcore songs in Faker and We're Through, and L.A. River. and a Punkish song in Walking Away which is a twist kind of. So to me the new album is a huge step up for this band. Maybe now they will come out of the darkness and be recognized by many new fans. I hope so, because they deserve to be on top. Go buy the album everyone, you will love it!


5.0 classicIchimaru | August 25th 09

I picked up this album today not knowing exactly what to expect from their latest release. I must say i was very suprised with this album. The guitar work on this album is much better than their previous albums(Smile Empty Soul, Anxiety, & Vultures) without sounding over-produced. Sean Danielsen continues to deliver with powerful vocals and outstanding lyrics that seem simplistic during the first listen, but carry a much deeper meaning. Most of the songs on this album seem like they were written during a dark time in Sean's life. One example is the acoustic song "O' Lord", where he sings about his addiction to alcohol and struggles to find an answer that makes sense to him. The theme of this album seems to be centered around being {aware} of the things that people close to you are going through.

The album starts of pretty heavy with "Faker" , "We're Through" and "Don't Ever Leave". This brings me to my next point: the pacing of the album is very deliberate, the album has its slow songs placed to break up the intensity of the album. "Compromise" slows things down a bit and comes off like a ballad. The album picks back up again with "Faceless" , "Stay Alive" and the uncharacteristically upbeat track "Walking Away", one of my favorite songs on this album. Up next we have an instrumental track "Atoll" which kinda sounds like a Metallica intro. "Atoll" is the setup track for another great song "Ban Nuys" which is their most progressive song to-date.

Rounding out the album is "Alone With Nothing" , "LA River" , "Reflection" and "O' Lord". In conclusion this is without a doubt Smile Empty Souls best cd to date. This is also their most complete album ever offering up something for everyone. Smile Empty Soul has come a long way from their self titled effort with their musicianship. Some of my favorite tracks are "Don't Ever Leave" , "Stay Alive" , "Walking Away" , "Ban Nuys" , "Alone With Nothing" and "LA River". SES fans already know what to expect from them because they continue to put out creative material and do not dissappoint.


3.0 goodErocktheGreatest | May 10th 17
3.0 goodwtabor | March 17th 17
3.0 goodflukemmviii | September 25th 16
3.0 goodTinman4006 | June 8th 16
2.0 poorMythoBeanz69 | April 1st 16
3.0 gooddiolives80s | January 25th 16
2.0 poorBleedIntoTheAbyss | December 3rd 15
4.0 excellentMenosDelScorcho924 | October 10th 14
3.5 greatraptorinside | May 12th 14
3.5 greatNuhead | April 23rd 14
3.0 goodDoomstercry | March 2nd 14
4.0 excellentscutch23 | December 4th 13
3.5 greatprimemonitor | November 23rd 13
2.5 averageDeadGuy | September 2nd 13
2.5 averageHipster9000 | April 12th 13
3.0 goodnriver | March 17th 13
3.0 goodbrokenboysoldier | February 4th 13
3.5 greatRoderickINM | July 19th 12
4.0 excellentCutMan | July 12th 12
3.5 greatoutburst | April 15th 12
3.0 goodStaindfan12 | February 28th 12
3.0 goodJustinKing | September 14th 11
4.5 superbQuietview | July 25th 11
3.5 greatzombiMessiah | February 1st 11
3.0 goodNeverW0lff777 | January 9th 11
3.5 greatzackseb | January 7th 11
3.0 goodottevaere | October 24th 10
4.0 excellentprotestthesky | October 9th 10
3.5 greatbudokai01 | September 8th 10
3.0 goodVRtrooper | August 28th 10
2.5 averageX3ro994 | August 25th 10
4.0 excellentXIchimaruX | July 25th 10
3.5 greatAcey | July 12th 10
4.5 superblikelight2bodom | June 9th 10
4.5 superbStJimmyRocks92 | May 22nd 10
3.0 goodcb123 | May 21st 10
3.5 greatDredd57 | April 11th 10
4.0 excellentTrickyPotato | February 25th 10
3.0 goodFandog | January 27th 10
1.0 awfulryanl9287 | January 7th 10
3.5 greatalsid | October 27th 09
3.5 greattoyour | October 21st 09
1.5 very poorLunarfall | September 5th 09
5.0 classicSES4EVER | September 5th 09
4.5 superbTheFreaksAreComing | September 5th 09
5.0 classicSchecterC1Elite | September 4th 09
4.5 superbUnderoath17 | September 4th 09
5.0 classicwestcoast | August 31st 09
5.0 classicastover815 | August 30th 09
1.0 awfulredfan | August 28th 09

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