The Temple (NZ)   The Temple
Release Date: 2021

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3.5 greatErwann S. CONTRIBUTOR | January 4th 22

Ulcerate-adjacent death doom with black metal guitar linings. Drumming is - ofc - less insane than St Merat's, but it's still perfectly competent at laying the foundations for Paul Kelland to shine - guitar-wise as well as vocally. Not on par with da best Ulcerate, but still a gloomy slice of blackened death metal. 3.7

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4.5 superbAssemblage | December 18th 21

This is very reminiscent of 'Vermis' era Ulcerate, and goddamn if Paul Kelland's vocals aren't distinct, because I picked up on them by the second song, checked and verified, and yep. It's quite an outstanding performance by him here, and he handles the guitars and bass as well. This shit seriously kicks off by track 2, and track 5 "Wolf in the Vortex" it's some ultimate shit. Was at a 4 initially, but the newfound information bumps it up a .5 EASILY. Paul is fucking underrated and amazing man. Simply awesome vocal performance with sick song progression and a clear and deviceable reason why this is everything akin to being Ulcerate's little brother.

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0.0 CaptainDooRight | December 12th 21

Sounds like Ulcerate but not Ulcerate. Doesnt reach their levels or prowess. To me this serves to prove why the
drummer on this only used to be part of Ulcerate. Dont get me wrong, its solid and my true rating is a 3/5 but Im
adding an extra .5 due to the fact that Jamie Saint Merat recorded, mixed and mastered this. So if my boy Jamie
is supporting them I dont mind adding a .5 for love.

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4.0 excellentrage11111ro | May 1st 22

I hate this kind of generic band names and self titled albums. So I have skipped this through every time I got it in the feed. Until the split with Acolytes of Moros popped up. What a gem of a band


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