Lady Gaga   Dawn of Chromatica: The Remix Album
Release Date: 2021

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2.5 averagecharlopiano | October 1st 21

I'm glad Gaga is showing hyperpop to the world, but as a record of remixes, it doesn't do much for me, some remixes are amazing, but at the same time, I felt like half the record did nothing, and the other half did too much and made me forget that I'm listening to a Gaga record, yeah idk it's just weird.


3.0 goodajcollins15 | September 9th 21

Lady Gaga bringing in the biggest names right now in hyperpop and dance-pop seems like such a cliché, but it?s actually an interesting progression for both Lady Gaga and for those involved in the remixes. Although many of the tracks on here are not the best remixes, there are some true highlights on here (especially for the hyperpop artists included). Specifically ?Stupid Love? remixed by COUCOU CHLOE, ?Rain on Me? remixed by Arca (although it feels like a rehash from their last project), ?Free Women? remixed by clearance clarity, and Rina Sawayama, ?911? by Charlie XCX and A.G.Cook, ?Replay? by Dorian Electra, and especially the masterfully created deconstructed club banger of ?Sine From Above? remixed by Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer & Lil Texas. Interested to see what Lady Gaga does into the future with these newfound connections. However, the other tracks are all pretty unforgettable remixes that just feel like EDM/club bangers with no real life to them.


4.0 excellentAverageUser69 | January 26th 22
3.0 goodKirsten N. | January 5th 22
4.0 excellentCRX | November 24th 21
4.0 excellentdolcevitak | October 26th 21
5.0 classicsatanicmudkip | October 24th 21
4.0 excellentemmny | October 21st 21
3.5 greattheneedledrop | October 6th 21
3.5 greatpitchforkrates | October 6th 21
3.5 greatjlsg | September 21st 21
3.5 greathamid95 | September 14th 21
3.5 greatBrandon Taylor | September 13th 21
3.5 greatTheBigMiz | September 13th 21
3.0 goodbmelt | September 11th 21
4.0 excellentJulio Carvajal | September 8th 21
3.5 greatim sure,, all u knuckleheads are vaxxd ..and now feel , like crap 2+2=? | September 7th 21
4.5 superbcaninecommander | September 7th 21
4.0 excellentCoolCoolCool | September 6th 21
3.5 greatbharry | September 4th 21
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | September 3rd 21
5.0 classicthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | September 3rd 21
4.0 excellentXirae | September 3rd 21
4.0 excellentBrandonMZ | September 3rd 21
2.5 averageMTNHDRE | September 3rd 21
3.5 greatalamo | September 3rd 21
3.0 goodchristopher164 | September 3rd 21
4.0 excellentgryndstone | September 3rd 21
4.0 excellentAmericanFlagAsh | September 2nd 21

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