Trha   Endlhëtonëg
Release Date: 2021

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3.5 greatajcollins15 | September 16th 21

Not always my favorite genre in the world, but there is always a fine balance when black metal is done well and this new Trha record has some of the best balance with black metal, dungeon synth, and ambient. Although this is one niche album and really only a handful of people will be able to sit through it, it is great when it is on. Still, some of the production is outright silly, especially when the band randomly starts doing this blackgaze thing but the guitars is so washed out. But still, if you want some distant and cold black metal that sounds like you?re hearing it from outside the gates of hell, this is for you.


4.5 superbBrandon N. | September 10th 21

This record evokes a very strong feeling of nostalgia in me. Part of this is due to the typical black metal instrumentation, buried under the static and buzz of the familiarly raw production, but most of it is thanks to the synths, which for this Trha album have stolen the focus from the guitars and shrieks. They're ethereal, with a magic to them that makes me long for a time I thought I've long since forgotten. I don't want to say black metal rarely gets emotional -that would be a lie- but rarely does it get this emotional.


2.0 poortectactoe | October 22nd 21
4.0 excellentSnowdog808 | September 27th 21
3.5 greatnecropig | September 19th 21
4.5 superbJohnyBlood | September 11th 21
4.0 excellentPhate72 | September 10th 21
4.5 superboltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick | September 9th 21
3.5 greatUnstille Magazine | September 5th 21
3.5 greatbmelt | August 30th 21

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