Seven Spires   Gods Of Debauchery
Release Date: 2021

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3.5 greatPanzerchrist | September 15th 21

So I have a couple thoughts:

Seven Spires' integration of melodeath to their symphonic metal blueprint really does
work to break up the monotony of their previous LPs. They don't have an original sound in
that vein, per se, but it does definitely make their consistent listening experience much
easier, for sure.

Lightbringer is awful. The chorus is awful. The execution is awful. Even the music video
is really really not good. It grinds the pace of the album to a halt and it's a huge
bottomless maw in their discography. Do yourselves a favor and skip it in an effort to
save your sanity.

This album is ambitious as hell, but ambition does not necessarily justify length. This
thing is long. 1 hour, 17 minutes. And they try especially hard to justify that runtime
but honestly even with them firing off every gun in the arsenal, you still feel that
length. And it hurts the quality of the project.

It is good though. It's a definite step-up from their past two projects, and, bar some
minor missteps, is definitely worth investigation. The band have had an interesting
singer in Adrienne Cowan for a while but the rest of the members are starting to hit that
high watermark as well, and it's nice to see fruition coming across the board.

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3.0 goodhangth3dj | September 23rd 21

Have to agree with Panzerchrist, there is lots of enjoyment to be found within this album, but it's about 30 minutes too long. It really starts to drag after a while, no matter how bombastic the music might be.

And yes, Lightbringer is a fucking dreadful song.

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4.0 excellentHatework | September 23rd 21

I can't believe I like this as much as I do. Is it weird that I like Lightbringer? Probably.


5.0 classicDaniel Dukes | September 12th 21

This is a very ambitious album. JOB WELL DONE..BRAVO!


2.0 poortrickert | October 22nd 21
3.0 goodundertherock | October 18th 21
2.5 averagedwbtdom | October 18th 21
4.0 excellentCyberSlayer | September 29th 21
4.0 excellentEvoHavok | September 23rd 21
4.0 excellentRevancake | September 21st 21
2.5 averageMathyNoodles | September 21st 21
4.5 superbwarlordfun | September 19th 21
1.5 very poorshanks | September 18th 21
3.5 greatpeartnoy | September 17th 21
3.5 greatgenericlistener | September 16th 21
4.0 excellentleon486 | September 15th 21
4.5 superbOobaloo | September 15th 21
4.0 excellentosoba13 | September 13th 21
4.0 excellentHarmonizedDeath | September 13th 21
4.5 superbprnzokoshiro | September 10th 21
3.5 greatterriblekonrad | September 10th 21
4.0 excellentDmax28 | September 10th 21

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