Deafheaven   Infinite Granite
Release Date: 2021

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0.0 Rowland Downinthedeep | June 9th 21

Deafheaven are literally queer-coded (nice haircuts) and have a disability (used to play black metal) and that's the majority of the reason why ya'll don't like them.

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0.0 Xenophanes EMERITUS | June 9th 21

Y’all took Deafheaven’s metal side for granite, now you get this.

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0.0 Hawks | June 9th 21

Grumpy cant even give me credit for my quote in his soundoff????

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0.0 Am I the only one tired of this fuck head yet. Jesus he's more insufferable than sowing STAFF | June 9th 21

greatest work of NEETwave since welcome to the nhk hope this gazes hard please somebody fucking touch me

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0.0 FabiusPictor202 | June 9th 21

these guys are the imagine dragons of shoegaze

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0.0 Ninjahague | June 11th 21

had this shit blastin outa my miata as i parked at the gay bar

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0.0 ceo of antifa | June 9th 21

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0.0 Jesper L. CONTRIBUTOR | June 9th 21

deafheaven's club amirite lol haha xdd

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0.0 Slex | June 11th 21

Hope its better than their last monstrosity and I have faith that it will ber-torts


0.0 TronaldDump | June 9th 21

Hot take incoming: Deafheaven makes a pop album that reaches the mainstream so that
Sunbather and all of it's pink glory may live once again.


0.0 Grumpy CONTRIBUTOR | June 9th 21

"Hope it's better than their last monstrosity and I have faith that it will be." - Hawks
(My bad!)


5.0 classiczxlkho | June 14th 21
4.5 superbBrushedRed | June 11th 21
4.0 excellentkogakun | June 11th 21
4.0 excellentSharpsRevenge | June 10th 21

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