Kaonashi   Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year
Release Date: 2021

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4.5 superbhotsoap | May 22nd 21

All of Kaonashi's hard work since releasing the Native EP has led up to this moment. Dear
Lemon House... is a compelling reflection of their ceaseless improvement, breathing new
life into a music scene that's often over-saturated by artists who are afraid to try new
things. This album is a magnificent blend of post-hardcore, mathcore, progressive, emo,
and alternative, and is complemented by a wide variety of diverse styles that would be
too long to list. Every member of the band shines on this album, whether it be Peter's
heartfelt lyricism and exceptionally unique vocal style, Alex and Roger's enchanting
guitar-work, August's infectiously smooth bass lines, or Pao's jaw-dropping drum
compositions. Kaonashi's debut album with Equal Vision Records is a must-listen.

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2.5 averageJasonCarne | May 22nd 21

Some of the worst vocals I've ever heard, seriously. Musically this pretty cool, but the vocals make it damn near unlistenable.

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1.5 very poorhangth3dj | August 5th 21

There's definitely something here for those who can get past what are some of the worst vocals in existence.

Unfortunately I am not that person. Couldn't even finish the album.

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5.0 classicMarlzaurus | June 29th 21

My love for weird singers made me 5.0 this. Sorry but honestly this is one of the most powerfull thing I've heard in a long time. Reminiscent of PTW.

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4.5 superbWayfarer1991 | October 13th 21

I can absolutely understand the widespread disdain for some of the vocals on this. I think I
wouldn't tolerate them without years as a Blood Brothers fan behind me. Fantastic composition and
instrumental work all across this thing too.


3.0 goodlg433 | September 9th 21

cleans are pretty good. i cant take the other vocals seriously tho lmao im sorry


3.5 greatnash1311 | June 3rd 21

As has been stated, the vocals are atrocious. Sounds like a joke, but its almost like a train wreck and you can't stop listening. Music is sick. Once I got used to them I dug in. Could see anyone rating this anything between a 2 and a 5 lol.


2.5 averageV3XED | May 26th 21

Its like someone wrote a super rad album, even sharp lyrics, and then over-dubbed it with meme
vocals. It really sounds like an "always sunny in Philadelphia" skit where they try and start a
metal band or something. Fun for one listen, but probably couldn't bring myself to do it again. Or
who knows, maybe I will and it will grow on me.


3.5 greatPurpl3Spartan | May 24th 21

Bird Mating Callcore


4.0 excellentTheMonster | September 22nd 21
4.0 excellenttellah | September 22nd 21
4.5 superbSally J. | September 20th 21
1.5 very poordelajetsetradio | September 8th 21
3.5 greatMateo Ottie | August 23rd 21
1.5 very poorbreadisdead | August 16th 21
3.5 greatMyColdShoulder | August 10th 21
3.5 greatelry2k | August 8th 21
3.0 goodTundra | August 6th 21
2.5 averageSlex | August 5th 21
4.0 excellentmrdogthrow | August 5th 21
2.5 averagePrancer | July 29th 21
4.0 excellentYour Favorite Lurker | July 20th 21
4.0 excellentXirae | July 6th 21
4.5 superbTyler W. CONTRIBUTOR | June 19th 21
2.5 averageceo of antifa | June 12th 21
3.5 greatwasteofpaint31 | June 11th 21
2.5 averageBlud N'Gore Vidal | June 7th 21
3.3 greatgiving 4 reviews to albums only 3 people in the world have heard STAFF | June 6th 21
1.5 very poortectactoe | June 2nd 21
2.5 averageHoleF1ller | June 1st 21
2.5 averageAsura14 | May 31st 21
2.5 averageAdoreSwancore | May 31st 21
4.0 excellentTequila Mockingbird : Drunk Author | May 28th 21
2.5 averageoutliers | May 25th 21
4.5 superbOohFrittata | May 24th 21
3.0 goodbmelt | May 23rd 21
3.5 greatSpicyPikachu1 | May 22nd 21
4.0 excellentterriblekonrad | May 22nd 21
4.5 superbelephantREVOLUTION | May 21st 21
4.5 superbBrett W | May 21st 21
4.0 excellentzzf1918 | May 21st 21
4.5 superbSteakByrnes | May 21st 21
4.5 superbTristan Matheny | May 21st 21
3.0 goodDO NOT trust my ratings I have otosclerosis! | May 20th 21

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