Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!   Gone Are The Good Days
Release Date: 2021

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2.0 poorJesper L. CONTRIBUTOR | July 30th 21

"This is genre defining for easycore in 2021." yeah i don't disagree

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2.5 averageShadowNeko | July 30th 21

What happened to this band? They used to drop high quality pop punk music with creative charm. This all sounds repetitive, dull, and seriously cringe. It literally sounds like they stopped giving a crap and rushed this out with zero motivation. It?s so straight forward and boring.

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4.0 excellentDedicated1 | July 30th 21

This is genre defining for easycore in 2021. Seriously catchy and fun pop punk with breakdowns. If you enjoyed the singles you'll love it as a whole. If you didn't then avoid it and let us have our fun with it.

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1.0 awfulDO NOT trust my ratings I have otosclerosis! | July 29th 21

This shit is so bad. Worst album of the year contender.

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1.5 very poorAsura14 | August 5th 21

Questionable song structures, the breakdowns feel completely out of place and the more pop/puck sections are mostly dull. There is definitely potential though, hoping the band grows and use their talent in something of value

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4.0 excellentLotionLord | September 18th 21

This shit is so good. Best album of the year contender.


3.0 goodthatbandsucks | August 1st 21

Pretty delightful album if I'm being honest. Album starts off slow and then picks up with some
really pleasant moments. The overall tone of the album is uncertainty and gloom. Lyrically, it
seems to talk about the sting of nostalgia. Pretty cool and sad considering this genre of music is
pretty much dead. Cons: Vocalist sounds bored or at least out of his comfort zone. As I mentioned
before, this genre is pretty much dead, so the band seems to have a hard time balancing the
remains of the whole easycore/metalcore thing and the big melting pot of confusing influences they
were aiming for in this record.


4.0 excellentian b CONTRIBUTOR | June 15th 21

"Bitter" might be a contender for soty, CNCC have always been a really fun band that knows how and when to take themselves seriously, unlike certain american bands *ahem* wtf was You're Welcome? *ahem* these guys seem to know how to expertly craft some of the most uniquely structured and varied songs disguised as cheesy EZcore of any band. really excited for this based on the singles so far


4.0 excellentLassusFaultier | September 26th 21
1.5 very poorMr Snrub | September 7th 21
3.0 goodRogerthecat | August 13th 21
3.0 goodLivingWill | August 7th 21
3.0 goodBlueSwan | August 7th 21
1.5 very poorAdoreSwancore | August 6th 21
4.5 superbWatch | August 5th 21
3.0 goodBlindsided | August 4th 21
2.5 averagePyrohintonLikesMusic | August 3rd 21
3.0 goodpeartnoy | August 3rd 21
2.5 averagegravityswitch | August 3rd 21
3.5 greatSilverandBlack5 | August 3rd 21
3.0 goodTeal | August 2nd 21
2.5 averageXhoven | August 2nd 21
2.5 averageLuna | August 2nd 21
3.0 goodOobaloo | August 2nd 21
1.0 awfulThrillcollinz | August 2nd 21
2.0 poordtsanchez | August 1st 21
3.0 goodTgreenz455 | July 31st 21
3.0 goodMutantsnowstorm | July 31st 21
4.0 excellentiChuckles | July 30th 21
3.0 goodohtheurgency | July 30th 21
4.0 excellentnbats | July 30th 21
2.0 poorBillClinton | July 30th 21
4.0 excellentdannyzabolotny | July 30th 21
3.5 greatbranm25 | July 30th 21

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