Abominable Putridity   Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
Release Date: 2021

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2.0 poorMatthias812 | March 1st 21

Everything that makes slam boring is on full display

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3.5 greatSinNanna | March 1st 21

After years of anticipation, delay and an unfortunate lineup change, the russian slam heavyweights finally come through with the follow-up to their widely beloved (relatively speaking) 2012 album The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin. Gone are the distinct and rhythmic vocal patterns from Matti Way which really made that particular release so special to a lot of people, but sole original member Alexander Kubiashvili of this now two-piece project has done his best to provide a worthwile replacement to try and make up for it, with Angel Ochoa of Cephalotripsy and Disgorge fame taking over vocal duties. A lineup change no less a vocal change isn't anything new for AP, but where Anomalies gave up that grimier, more mudcaked production aesthetic of the debut it made up for me with Matti's unique approach to applying groove to complement the music. As respectable as a vocalist Angel is within his own right with his very well-executed form of that low, guttural burping vocal style commonly associated with slam, he doesn't really provide that same balance for me that Matti did back when AP switched to a more digital and cleanly produced sound. Still, despite the fact that those heavily edited, sample-replaced drums definitely give me a bit of ear fatigue, I do still come away from this album enjoying it on a casual level, as I don't think it goes so deep into overproduced territory that it is devoid of any visceral qualities. And compared to a lot of the more deathcore-leaning sounds you'll come across a lot of newer popular slam releases, I certainly prefer this a lot more.

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3.5 greatBrandon N. | March 8th 21

This isn't nearly as good as The Anomalies of Artificial Origin but it isn't a disappointment either; Angel is a serviceable replacement for Matti and the increase in more traditional death metal sections helps contrast and emphasize the slammier moments. Was it worth the 9 year wait? No, probably not, but it's good enough and tbh it's just nice to have AP around again.

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2.0 poorLichtbringer | March 7th 21

The band effortlessly make 24 minutes feel like an hour.

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3.5 greatmauRo13 | March 17th 21

The first few minutes are boring but the last half of the album improves the album, especially because of the guitars.


3.5 greatThyCrossAwaits | April 14th 21
4.0 excellentRisodo | April 13th 21
2.5 averageJokineAugustus | April 10th 21
4.0 excellentGggarethAll | April 6th 21
3.0 goodThuckabe | April 3rd 21
3.0 goodNecroAsphyxia | March 29th 21
2.5 averageTrey STAFF | March 27th 21
2.0 poorsonictheplumber | March 25th 21
3.3 greatAtari STAFF | March 23rd 21
2.5 average2bears42down | March 15th 21
3.5 greatJimMead | March 14th 21
3.0 goodDmax28 | March 14th 21
3.5 greatEnJay | March 14th 21
3.5 greatxXTheFailmasterXx | March 10th 21
3.0 goodspilltheteal | March 10th 21
3.5 greatFernando Alves STAFF | March 9th 21
4.5 superboltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick oltnabrick | March 9th 21
3.5 greatRondel Dawlins | March 7th 21
3.5 greatFrank - the rater of 3.5 | March 7th 21
2.5 averagemothsogling1 | March 7th 21
3.5 greatRobert Garland STAFF | March 7th 21
2.5 averagebmelt | March 7th 21
3.5 greatDavidPrincipe29 | March 7th 21
3.5 greatbowlofsoup | March 6th 21
3.5 greatTHummerz | March 5th 21
3.5 greatJasonCarne | March 1st 21

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