Growth (AUS)   The Smothering Arms Of Mercy
Release Date: 2020

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3.5 greatFrost15 | January 21st 21

There are many great ideas here, the problem is they try too many things at once. It has the
variety Ulcerate lacks but it's not as consistent. There is lots of potential here though... Maybe
a few more spins will make this more cohesive to me, who knows. One thing is for sure, this
appealed to me more than most Ulcerate's albums because of its variety.


4.5 superbScoot | January 19th 21

best extreme metal album in years. think gojira
mixed with ne obliviscaris. these guys are for real


5.0 classicJokineAugustus | January 8th 21

This was the last album album I listened to in
2020. It may also be the very best. Someone
review this please! The Treatment for
Melancholy may be my new favourite song.


4.5 superbbludngorevidal | December 25th 20

Yes, it's a superb end-of-year sneak attack; yes, it's an incredibly mature opening album; yes, it's another sublime installment in 2020's seemingly never-ending series of dissonant technical metal albums. Growth executes each of these tropes to impressive heights, and then some. At risk of pushing this sound-off to review length, let me congeal my thoughts on Growth's debut into a sticky list of simple descriptors: impeccably produced (especially those drums), tightly cohesive but not samey, packed to the brim with riffs, consistently high caliber from track to track, concerned with highly salient subject matter... I could go on and on, but I won't. Give these guys your attention ASAP


2.5 averagemikep87 | April 15th 21
4.5 superbTaku | April 12th 21
4.0 excellentHarmonizedDeath | April 7th 21
3.5 greathiyabootchie | March 25th 21
3.5 greatThibs | March 24th 21
1.0 awfulKuyJuk | March 21st 21
2.5 averageAkifexx | March 11th 21
4.5 superbAlyssa | March 11th 21
3.5 greatWaiting around to die | March 8th 21
4.0 excellentkneepel | February 27th 21
4.0 excellentVeldin | February 21st 21
4.0 excellentDePlazz | February 19th 21
3.0 goodAntalWS | February 19th 21
4.5 superbkx8 | February 15th 21
5.0 classicclashofwave | February 8th 21
3.5 greatGallyP | February 4th 21
4.5 superbOobaloo | February 3rd 21
4.5 superbJasonCarne | January 22nd 21
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | January 21st 21
3.5 greatRobert Garland STAFF | January 19th 21
4.0 excellenthaesslichermensch | January 17th 21
3.5 greatShoutbox me for a free sexy sloth picture | January 16th 21
4.5 superbKruppe | January 15th 21
4.5 superbmeditant | December 20th 20
4.5 superbMitch S. | December 6th 20

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