Sigur Ros   Odin’s Raven Magic
Release Date: 2020

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0.0 this is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | December 5th 20

ew wasn't the jonsi album enough? 2020 is a cruel mistress.

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3.0 goodTheEnygma | December 9th 20

It's hard to rate it as a Sigur Ros album cause it doesn't sound like a traditional one they'd do. In fact one complaint I have is barely any Jonsi in it and many of the tracks are identical tone/feel. Opener and closer are easily best tracks.


4.0 excellentajcollins15 | December 7th 20

If you have never listened to Sigur Ros then this might not be the place to start because of how different this album is. This album is a 16-year long wait that fans have been waiting for and does it live up to that hype and wait?well for me maybe. Sigur Ros became famous for their dense post-rock instrumentation, claustrophobic (yet beautiful) ambient soundscapes, and surreal vocal performances (especially on their 1999 ?gtis byrjun?, 2002, ?( )?, and 2005 ?Takk??). However, the lead singer (and mastermind behind the whole project), Jnsi, always wanted something more magnificent, more personal, and denser. So, in 2002 he worked with the above artists to create a live performance showcasing the power of a historic Icelandic poem. The band sat on this and wanted to do something huge with it. But as time passed, they sat and sat on it. So now we have it and it really is something to behold. Although it is very patience-testing, when the true beautify comes through on the record it comes in hard. So angelic yet so haunting, something all people should try if you want a journey through the culture and history of a country most people know nothing about.


3.5 greattmthycnnlly | January 20th 21
2.0 poorsicky | January 19th 21
3.5 greatpitchforkrates | January 13th 21
3.0 goodBenjamin Kuettel STAFF | January 10th 21
4.0 excellentOddsy | December 27th 20
4.0 excellentfinalmourning | December 20th 20
3.0 goodSAPoodle | December 16th 20
4.0 excellentvorallemswans | December 15th 20
2.5 averageMitch S. | December 15th 20
3.0 goodMacck | December 13th 20
2.5 averagebornthetravestyofman | December 13th 20
3.5 greatCurroSkywalker | December 12th 20
3.5 greatDemon of the Fall | December 11th 20
2.0 poorBrandon Taylor | December 11th 20
3.0 goodjmh886 | December 10th 20
4.0 excellentJerrad | December 10th 20
3.0 goodFrank - the rater of 3.5 | December 8th 20
3.0 goodElynna | December 7th 20
2.5 averageRustCohle | December 7th 20
3.0 goodVeldin | December 7th 20
3.0 goodalvarops95 | December 6th 20
3.0 good5 everything then die | December 6th 20
2.5 averagefaultline25 | December 6th 20
2.5 averageZack Lorenzen | December 5th 20
3.5 greatanobsoletevernacular | December 4th 20
3.0 goodSowingSeason STAFF | December 4th 20
3.5 greatdaiguit91Kider | December 4th 20
3.5 greatPeporro98 | December 3rd 20

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