FEVER 333   Wrong Generation
Release Date: 2020

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0.0 GreyShadow | October 22nd 20

still can't believe this is the shit we lost letlive. for

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3.5 greatchilledpunkrock | November 10th 20

The lyrics aren't great but frankly, the performances on here are so good that it doesn't really matter. Jason Butler is just a hell of a frontman, that's a fact. I can get finding his vocals grating (I did for a while too), but he's so wild and unhinged all over this that I can't help but get caught up in it.

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0.0 Lalka | November 4th 20

can't belive that Improta got into this commie shit


1.5 very poorAmbushReality | October 23rd 20

Protest songs are usually great, but this is just repetitive and grating and... not... good... like at all.


4.5 superbClinicalGuy90 | October 23rd 20

letlive had post hardcore gems, and Im glad Pressure Cracks doubled down on that with some straightforward hardcore- I def like those two rock projects more than Fever. It seems the hardcore crowd by trait doesnt get behind rock/rap thats mainstreaming (for whatever is left of the "mainstream"). I understand Travis Barker and Feldman just want to get Jason heard as much as they can. The rapping seems like a RATM trying nod, yet I like this more than Linkin Park or whatever. IMO this production team gets more out of this itch for Jason than letlive trying this style on the Banshee Ghost Fame single. Jason will always be held to his core work, however, Im glad for the dude with these releases. To me, letlive. ran it's course, the stylistic choices from Blackest Beautiful on didn't do it for me compared to Fake History and Speak Like You Talk. Fever 333 is always a fun treat for me, and people that see them open for bigger bands are definitely stoked on it- this album will be sick live. On Wrong Generation, Bite Back showcases that Jason has huge choruses per usual. Can't really compare anyone to RATM, yet this stuff is hitting that vibe better than anything I've heard in recent memory.


1.0 awfulJoyfulPlatypus | October 22nd 20

This was made with the best of intentions, but let's be real: Jason Butler is a terrible rapper, the lyrics are incredibly repetitive and predictable, and there are no interesting beats or instrumental moments to supplement Butler's grating vocals. Thankfully this wasn't longer, but it's still a slog to get through.


4.0 excellentNonApplicable | January 17th 21
2.5 averagekarlulol | December 25th 20
2.5 averageTheSupernatural | December 22nd 20
1.5 very poorslaps | December 4th 20
3.0 goodsin69 | December 2nd 20
2.0 poorTheArchetype | November 30th 20
3.5 greatMcGuire95 | November 19th 20
1.0 awfulUzumaki | November 18th 20
3.0 goodAnanasins | November 15th 20
1.5 very poorMuppelope | November 13th 20
3.0 gooddaiguit91Kider | November 13th 20
1.0 awfulTooLateToGoBack | November 10th 20
2.5 averageBillClinton | November 3rd 20
2.0 poorMinushuman24 | November 2nd 20
2.0 poorAggroCrag | October 26th 20
2.5 averageMrHahaHihi | October 24th 20
2.0 poorJesper L. CONTRIBUTOR | October 23rd 20
2.0 poorAdoreSwancore | October 23rd 20
2.5 averageelephantREVOLUTION | October 23rd 20
2.5 averagefurpa | October 23rd 20
1.5 very poorT5Cx | October 22nd 20
1.0 awfulterriblekonrad | October 21st 20
2.0 poorDORBUSCUS | October 16th 20
1.0 awfulOverSlyZed91 | October 16th 20
4.0 excellentbeachdude | October 16th 20
4.5 superbMaximo | October 15th 20

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