James Blake   Before
Release Date: 2020

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0.0 Red D | November 18th 20

In this 4 track EP, James goes back to roots as a DJ and pays homage to his London club days. He said he was glad to ?finally having confidence to put [his] own voice on dancefloor rhythms? but let?s be honest, you?re probably not gonna break too much of sweat dancing to the EP?. Before? is certainly a fruitful step forward for James Blake as he looks back on his DJ days with a decade?s worth experience at the vanguard of modern pop music; proving there is a future for fresh angles on the past.


5.0 classicajcollins15 | October 22nd 20

By far the greatest EP this year and blows away every release James Blake has done in his long career. The English musician in 2017 came through with his best instrumental effort to date but fell through with many of the same issues I have had with his music before?lack of direction and overall ideas. For someone with some of the greatest ideas in the trip-hop scene, he can never quite punch it out for a full release. Can have some really breathtaking and emotional singles, but never put it all together into a full package. However, on this new EP, he seems to be taking a large step in a new direction. Influence by the likes of Apex Twins and Toro y Moi the hypnotic and mesmerizing deep house grooves layer so beautifully over his harmonious alternative RnB vocals that it feels like he has been in the genre for ages. He also brings a much-needed breath of fresh air with many glitchy synth breaks and UK bass esthetics you can feel from the likes of Thom Yorke, Sweet Trip, Clarence Clarity, and Jamie XX. So much power and feel that I cannot feel entrenched in the synth cords for the 16 minutes the EP is on. A must listen!


3.0 gooddbizzles | November 22nd 20
3.5 greatAnthony Gorczyca | November 17th 20
3.0 goodvorallemswans | October 26th 20
3.0 goodHaelaeif | October 25th 20
3.0 goodChrysalis76 | October 25th 20
3.5 greatSalteyBacon | October 24th 20
3.5 greatYankeeDudel | October 23rd 20
4.0 excellentchaseguitar | October 23rd 20
4.0 excellentsuppatime | October 22nd 20
3.5 greatGreyShadow | October 20th 20
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | October 20th 20
3.5 greatbigguytoo9 | October 20th 20
3.5 greatDisruptor | October 18th 20
3.0 goodJordan M. STAFF | October 18th 20
3.5 greatsblevins95 | October 17th 20
3.5 greatLewisShaw | October 17th 20
3.0 goodItsTheSquirrel | October 17th 20
3.0 goodRivalSkoomaDealer | October 16th 20
3.5 greataaronrkc | October 16th 20
3.5 greatif pole dancing\'s an art you know how many fuckin artists i know | October 16th 20
4.0 excellentAxeToFall93 | October 16th 20
3.0 goodPangea | October 16th 20
3.5 greatIgnimbrite | October 15th 20
4.0 excellentTooManyFriends | October 15th 20
4.0 excellenttheoceanfloor | October 15th 20
4.0 excellentAbove313 | October 15th 20
3.5 greatthis is the best album that i\\\\\\\'ve (n)ever heard in my entire life. | October 15th 20
3.5 greatBlushfulHippocrene STAFF | October 15th 20
3.9 excellentRowan5215 STAFF | October 15th 20
4.5 superbcaninecommander | October 15th 20
4.5 superbSteventoinfinity | October 14th 20

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