Synovial   Songs of Silver
Release Date: 2020

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4.5 superbPiripichotes | August 6th 20

"think if Erra incorporated more death metal influences (e.g., stronger harsh vocals)
into their sound."

LMAO not at all. This is closer to The Odious or BTBAM in sound that it could ever be to
Erra's metalcore. I can even get some early Contortionist's vibes here.
Anyways, amazing
record, check it out if you dig the aforementioned bands.

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5.0 classicbloodshy :) | July 29th 20

6 out of 5.
Genius guitar work, great lyrics (prose/novel style), heavy as fuck, killer vocals.
Beautiful, unpredictable melodies that just make sense, great energy all around.
Very progressive, heavy metalcore.

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4.5 superbControllerxG28 | August 13th 20

I liked how different this band sounds from everyone else right now. Everything flows well together, the guitars are fantastic, the drummer keeps incredible pace and keeps the energy, and the vocalist can sing whatever he wants at anytime. Refreshing album


3.5 greatbludngorevidal | August 5th 20

Synovial stand just a little bit taller than most of their progcore peers with this record, though they don't depart too much from the norm - think if Erra incorporated more death metal influences (e.g., stronger harsh vocals) into their sound. The record shows some promise for Synovial, as it's chock full of melodies interwoven with strong guitars and a good deal of heaviness. A bit more innovation would be nice, though, as this genre needs it badly.


3.5 greatAsmodeuss1990 | August 5th 20

Never heard of this band but I'm hoping they're good. I always do love me some progressive metalcore so I hope this scratches that itch.


4.5 superbBandit1786 | September 26th 20
2.5 averageHaelaeif | September 20th 20
4.0 excellenttheoleinnout | September 19th 20
4.0 excellentFlomink | August 29th 20
2.0 poorMichichachi | August 21st 20
3.5 greatKlingel0905 | August 17th 20
3.0 goodElevon | August 15th 20
5.0 classicprnzokoshiro | August 12th 20
3.5 greatDean M. | August 12th 20
4.0 excellentEarlgrey79 | August 8th 20
4.0 excellentSteakByrnes | August 5th 20
3.5 greatNoHellsNoHeavens | August 5th 20
5.0 classicarchitects666 | August 4th 20
3.0 goodAdoreSwancore | August 3rd 20
4.0 excellentecalahorrano | August 3rd 20
3.5 greatCasus belli CONTRIBUTOR | August 2nd 20
4.0 excellentNinjahague | August 1st 20
4.5 superbTyler W. | July 30th 20

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