Infant Island   Sepulcher
Release Date: 2020

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3.0 goodThe Aspie Fantastie aka One Tonne Fun Baton | October 26th 20

I often find that this newly emerging trend (or old trend, but I'm only now realising it, I don't know) of fusing screamo hardcore and black metal has some roughly defined structure. On occasion I come across an album that builds the genre cooperation as something unique and new. On other occasions an artist makes their best effort and still has an album that is sometimes screamo, sometimes black metal. Infant Island is somewhere in between given definitions. This band can make a great fusion album, but they can also make a great half-screamo half-black metal album. In the case of 'Sepulcher', they've made a decent half-fusion half-the other thing EP.

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3.0 goodBedex | April 17th 20

Between explosions, this is full of sweet melodies, nice buildups, and great transitions. Whenever it explodes and goes full on screamo mode, this sounds like ass because of the mushy, muddy, flat prod. Remastered, this could be great, but as it is I have a hard time getting into it. I think the cymbals in particular sound like white noise more than they sound like drums really? Weird. All the gorgeousness and cinematic grandeur of the post-rocky guitars is effaced by a wash of unrecognisable distorted sounds. Not a huge fan of the vox either. Track 3's an alright droney interlude, but this is so short I'm not sure it was really needed. 2.85

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4.0 excellentakimbo | December 28th 20
4.0 excellentkolektivpigeon | December 9th 20
4.0 excellentbbm | July 23rd 20
4.5 superbAmerica's Favorite Hemophobe! ♦ | May 27th 20
4.0 excellenth e a v e n | May 26th 20
4.0 excellentBremsstrahlung | May 20th 20
4.0 excellentDean M. | April 28th 20
4.5 superbletnd | April 25th 20
3.0 gooddelajetsetradio | April 23rd 20
3.5 greatAdoreSwancore | April 19th 20
3.5 greatXgenericusernameX | April 18th 20
3.5 greatAxeToFall93 | April 18th 20
3.5 greatJLR2DEG | April 17th 20

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