Phoxjaw   Royal Swan
Release Date: 2020

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3.5 greatSlex CONTRIBUTOR | July 2nd 20

A tiny bit of mwY, some traces of Hopesfall circa Magnetic North; there's some great stuff here but the songwriting is a bit too haphazard at times and some more eccentric moments either feel a bit forced or just a bit distracting. With an added emphasis on cohesion and emotional impact, these guys could definitely create something special.

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3.0 goodajcollins15 | August 12th 20

The four-piece UK based band has released their debut and it's filled with quality ideas and great execution, but many of the songs try to grab at the same glory the top 3 or 4 tracks have. The opening track sees a powerful post-hardcore infused art-rock song with heavy lyrics and charisma. While songs like "Teething" are a winding and energetic alternative rock song with some great guitar riffs. But then many of the other tracks that make this album up all try to achieve the same power these two songs and two others achieve. Also, the heavy Thrice influence can be a bit distracting. With all that though this is still a solid debut for such a young and new band.


4.5 superbTheForbiddenFool | August 2nd 20

A fantastic blend and evolution of the Hopesfall post-hardcore sound. I love these dudes


4.5 superbprogsun | July 17th 20

Truly special and different alt/prog/post hardcore album of 2020 ,songwriting is strong as well


3.0 goodHaelaeif | August 8th 20
2.0 poorwildman69 | August 8th 20
4.0 excellentACVPV | August 7th 20
2.5 averageGuitar Man's Hip | August 7th 20
3.5 greatgreatgradegrate | August 6th 20
3.5 greatDisorderly | August 5th 20
4.5 superbThuckabe | July 31st 20
4.0 excellentEarlgrey79 | July 26th 20
4.0 excellentShoutbox me for a free sexy sloth picture | July 21st 20
4.0 excellentElectricFlannel | July 20th 20
3.5 greatDrunk Author : Tequila Mockingbird | July 19th 20
3.5 greatRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | July 17th 20
3.5 greatVian | July 16th 20
3.5 greatleon486 | July 15th 20
4.0 excellentMateo Ottie | July 10th 20
4.0 excellentNerdPunk | July 9th 20
4.0 excellentMuppelope | July 8th 20
4.5 superbbloodshy :) | July 7th 20
3.5 greatecalahorrano | July 5th 20
3.0 goodAdoreSwancore | July 5th 20
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | July 3rd 20
4.0 excellentCasus belli CONTRIBUTOR | July 2nd 20

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