The Hirsch Effekt   Kollaps
Release Date: 2020

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4.0 excellentCasus belli CONTRIBUTOR | May 6th 20

is it time to start talking about all time greatness for whatever this band has been doing for the past 10 years?

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2.0 poorSlex | May 9th 20

This album is insanely bad and the praise it's getting downright incenses me. Boring and
generic electronic elements, near-relentless meathead buttrock chugging in lieu of actual
riffs and painfully corny and wildly inconsistent vocals make for a gigantic step down
for THE. Not just the biggest disappointment of the year; it's just plain ol' in general
one of the very worst albums released in 2020.

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2.0 poorMitchell D. W. CONTRIBUTOR | May 8th 20

Well, they got the title right...

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4.5 superbHirsch | May 11th 20

The album is way better then the singles suggested.

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4.5 superbmisho87233 | May 8th 20

I don't really understand those 2-score ratings.. this is easily their best album to date and it's
only getting better with every one listen to the whole experience.. one of the best not only prog
albums of this year
Love the death and black metal sections in some of the songs - a nice surprise

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3.5 greatThe Aspie Fantastie aka One Tonne Fun Baton | June 25th 20

It seems this album warrants either praise or hate. I don't understand either. It is far from a bad album. The instrumentation, production and even the vocals (that so often become grating on such records) are all high-class. Songwriting also is pretty memorable, which is unusual for the common noodly show-off prog contemporaries (looking at you, Animals As Leaders). But 'Kollaps' is not a breath of fresh air either. An exercise in the familiar, it reuses ideas, creative choices and tropes far from unusual in this style. So here's to a perfectly listenable fun prog-core album.


4.0 excellentkalkwiese | May 9th 20

THE try lots of new things here. One thing is shortening the songs, that's quite a challenge for a band like this. Another thing is some new styles. The opener Kris is like a Leprous song from The Congregation/Malina era. Bilen is like a more complex Rammstein song. Some songs a little more electronic, like Torka. The songs don't have these big intros and outros, they go into eachother directly, so this album has a different sense of pacing than the ones before.rKollaps is a good album by a band that isn't afraid to challenge themselves. Some might be turned off, but THE are keeping their identity while eliminating every sense of treading water. It's a success.


3.0 goodTundraL5Z | May 8th 20

The Hershey's Effekt


3.5 greatCoolguyhal | November 20th 20
3.0 goodShoutbox me for a free sexy sloth picture | November 17th 20
3.0 goodfb2k | September 28th 20
1.5 very poorLunaticSoul | September 4th 20
3.5 greati want to mort. | September 3rd 20
3.5 greathiyabootchie | August 3rd 20
4.0 excellentToniDrums | July 17th 20
3.5 greatUnstille Magazine | June 10th 20
4.0 excellentgilneto8 | June 4th 20
3.5 greatJustinKing | May 27th 20
4.0 excellentDennisrammstein | May 22nd 20
4.0 excellentLazarus132 | May 22nd 20
3.5 greatRobert Davis CONTRIBUTOR | May 18th 20
2.0 poorceo of antifa | May 17th 20
3.5 greatariich | May 16th 20
3.0 goodKlingel0905 | May 14th 20
4.5 superbhaesslichermensch | May 11th 20
4.0 excellentmalitze | May 11th 20
3.5 greatSpicyPikachu1 | May 10th 20
3.5 greatPaleLord | May 9th 20
4.5 superbRustCohle | May 9th 20
3.0 goodAdoreSwancore | May 9th 20
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | May 8th 20
3.0 goodKrelkin | May 8th 20
2.0 poortectactoe | May 8th 20
4.5 superbzzf1918 | May 6th 20

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