Me And That Man   New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol. 1
Release Date: 2020

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3.0 goodRobert Garland CONTRIBUTOR | March 24th 20

This is an approachable record featuring a motley crew of guest musicians and vocalists. Despite that, 'New Man...' doesn't push past a staple of compilation style soundscapes into something more. Matt Heafy's diversity is greater here than most of his later workings with Trivium and the Ihsahn featured "By The River" is remarkably fresh despite the safe bearings to which the album caters.

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4.0 excellentThe Aspie Fantastie aka One Tonne Fun Baton | November 21st 20

It is easy to pick on an album for its indifference towards stylistic concept. 'New Man...' sees Adam Darski and co. churn out a plethora of country-americana-folk-bluegrass songs, all with no rhyme or reason to follow one another, but all (apart from one or two) in their own right of high quality. For my money, I say "heck yeah, gimme more."


3.5 greatBlazewire | May 18th 20

New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol. 1 (actually the second album of this project) is an interesting continuation of Behemoth front man Adam Darski's side project. Swapping out the blackened death metal for quiet, melodic dark country with blues, bluegrass, and southern rock influences. Where the first album was a collaboration between Adam and John Porter. This album sees John Porter out of the mix. Instead we get an eclectic mix of guest vocalists and musicians. Including the likes of Matt Heafy (Trivium), Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour) to Ihsahn. The downside of all the guests, is this doesn't feel like a cohesive whole like the first album did. It reminds me of a best of album. A best of album from an alternate universe where all these metal musicians made country inspired music. All of the guest vocalists means that Adam seems to take a backseat when it comes to vocals apart from the song Mestwo. It may in my opinion be a slightly disjointed project, but it is still highly enjoyable and experimental and shows that these guys are capable of making music that doesn't have to be heavy. If you enjoy Johnny Cash or Devin Townsend's Casualties of Cool album, I highly recommend this. Songs to check out: You Will Be Mine, Run With the Devil, By the River, and Surrender.


3.5 greatAntonius | May 2nd 20

The content of Darski's sophomore release is literally what the title indicates: many guest musicians ("New Man") contribute in eleven songs ("New Songs") the ode to Americana as began in the debut album ("Same Shit"). This album is bolder and more polished than its predecessor Songs of Love and Death however, it suffers again from a lack of identity. Such lack of identity was probably the main reason why no particular composition stood out for me in New Man, New Songs, Same Shit . Recommendations: "M?stwo", "You Will Be Mine", "Run With The Devil", "Surrender", "Coming Home".


3.5 greatMetalConnoisseur | September 8th 20
4.0 excellentDJTrpTrp | July 18th 20
3.5 greatem17ah | June 3rd 20
3.5 greatgreg84 EMERITUS | June 2nd 20
3.0 goodTheSullivan2009 | April 27th 20
4.5 superbSamBuck | April 23rd 20
3.0 goodCoreLeone85 | April 14th 20
3.0 goodTrey STAFF | April 13th 20
4.0 excellentddassault | April 1st 20
3.5 greatneikos | March 31st 20
3.5 greatInFlamesWeThrash666 | March 31st 20
3.0 goodHorfeepee01 | March 30th 20
4.0 excellentMatthias812 | March 27th 20
3.5 greatNightOnDrunkMountain | March 27th 20
3.5 greatJaxer | March 27th 20
3.5 greatSpicyPikachu1 | March 27th 20
3.5 greatCthulhuFhtagn | March 26th 20
3.0 goodterriblekonrad | March 26th 20

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