Enigmatic Heart   Relying on The Sky
very poor
Release Date: 2007

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0.0 ATLbraves | January 4th 09

For a bunch of kids in their teens, one being 15 years old and the screamer (he was the bassist too but they have recently found someone to do that), I'd say this shit is pretty rockin'. Give these kids some time to mature and they can easily put out a good album. Lots of potential. "The Legend Of Dagglet" is awesome.


1.5 very poorPureBlueSF | January 4th 09

The band probably thinks like this:
"Hey guys, what "screamo"/metalcore band can we rip off today? Also, let's go to Salvation Army and buy some ripped up sweaters and tight pants and then go buy expensive Nike SB's just to make an ironic statement!!! We're so depressed man, life in the suburbs is so hard. I asked my dad for an iPod touch and he said no. My life is such a tragedy...."
Basically, all you really need to know is that this band is a bunch of rich kids living in suburban Albany, New York who write subpar post-hardcore music.


They could have lots of potential, yes. I didn't say "LOL DIS WILL ALWAYZ SUX LOL". I'm just saying they should stop trying rip off Underoath and try to play music they enjoy playing. They do have one song that I like, "Eyespy CPN's", but other than that song, they sound like they're trying to hard to rip off Underoath. Then again, if it weren't for Underoath, half of the bands on Victory Records wouldn't exist and if they did, they would be Simple Plan wannabes.

Also, I go to school with the drummer and he's a complete and total douche.


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