Band-Maid   Conqueror
Release Date: 2019

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4.0 excellentShadowNeko | January 30th 20

It really did grow on me. The creativity is at it's peak on this album showcasing both emotional soft rock songs and jamming hard rock songs.

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3.5 greatTundra | December 26th 19

I can tell they went for a bit more of bluesy flare with this album, it's met with mixed results, I think the album overall is a bit inconsistent compared to previous efforts, but it's still a solid effort, all things considered, recommended tracks: Dilemma, Bubble, glory, Blooming, Reincarnation

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3.5 greatbahlof | September 20th 20

Couldn't even make it half way through.. Such an abrasive shift in style that it doesn't even feel
like the same band.

Edit: After a few more attempts I was able to listen to the whole album a couple times and there
are a couple good tracks. For example "Reincarnation" is an awesome song but the focus on catchy
pop songs throughout the album make it hard to listen to even with the occasional jam. Very
disappointing since World Domination was so good.

Edit: It grew on me..


5.0 classicdavezillaMP3 | May 3rd 20

the bands most dynamic release yet, this is a bold album that still feels like band-maid, this and world domination stand as the band's magnum opuses


3.5 greatBlueSwan | February 13th 21
3.0 goodPortalofPerfection | February 1st 21
4.0 excellentShroomZilla | January 8th 21
3.5 greatMorningrise767 | November 24th 20
5.0 classicbatstevens | November 22nd 20
4.0 excellenthellhammer6789 | September 9th 20
4.5 superbPatricklauer12 | January 6th 20

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