Magnum   The Serpent Rings
Release Date: 2020

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2.5 averageSMOKMAS | February 27th 23

mid pms with a highlight in eden


3.0 goodjust Gary CONTRIBUTOR | June 19th 20

It's good for a solid jam, but it is kinda punchless and not really exciting or "atmospheric" enough to make me want to jam this repeatedly... + their previous one was lot more catchy than this.


3.5 greatDeadwing2112 | May 15th 20

The Serpent Kings excels at maintaining the delicate balance of quality driven rock infused with progressive and metal elements. Bob Catley's well preserved and time tested larynx is the reliable linchpin locking down Magnum's consistency throughout the track list as clearly demonstrated by the opener Where Are You Eden? Extra credit to the wonderful cover artwork delivered by Rodney Matthews, capturing the essence of the band's dedication to medieval fantasy themes.


4.5 superbMitch | February 28th 20

Real shit? This is one of their best albums. Modern Magnum is a force to be reckoned with.


3.0 goodmanosg EMERITUS | February 4th 20

If there's such genre as unoffensive rock, Magnum are its kings, and I mean that in the best way possible. Their music is well-crafted, easy to listen, contains a variety of nice melodies, and the band has managed from the very beginning to find a good balance between progressive rock and AOR. At the same time, everything is so harmless. Nonetheless, much respect to those guys for still going strong after so many years and for their consistency.


4.0 excellentCrazywill | March 27th 22
4.0 excellentZeddSquared | November 13th 21
5.0 classicMalacandra | August 23rd 21
3.5 greatElevator | February 6th 21
3.5 greatXurxo | December 10th 20
4.5 superbRemedyLane99 | December 8th 20
3.0 goodAwake88 | April 11th 20
3.5 greatritchierich1 | March 18th 20
4.0 excellentBerryGarlicia | February 7th 20
2.5 averagevonseux | February 7th 20
3.5 greatVeldin | February 6th 20
3.5 greatLefteris | February 4th 20
3.5 greatRobert Davis | February 3rd 20
3.0 goodScheumke | January 28th 20
4.0 excellentprnzokoshiro | January 27th 20

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