Galneryus   Into the Purgatory
Release Date: 2019

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4.5 superbsamwise2000 | October 26th 19

Once again, Galneryus has demonstrated how great power metal can be when it's done correctly. Absolutely amazing.

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4.0 excellentFernando Alves STAFF | November 14th 19

What we should be questioning at the moment is whether SYU is actually human.

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0.0 decisions | October 31st 19

Their best record in a while iMO. Absolutely awesome.

EDIT: OK this has some really strong tracks but has grown off me a bit. A solid entry from a long-running band, but not
really on the same level as their older stuff. They should the long-awaited Yama-B Sho crossover album to reinvigorate

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3.5 greatRobinanimate | September 25th 20

I agree that Shu makes Galneryus amazing. He is also the saving grace that keeps the Galneryus battleship afloat. This album has great instrumentation, but the songwriting is not memorable. The choruses are as conveyer-belt mass productions as can be, and the vocals are just above par. I miss the first singer. He might not be as technical as this guy, but at least he had a personal touch, which is something most Japanese metal vocalists are lacking. With the exception of Toshi and Anchang of course. Not a bad album, just not something I will come back to.


2.5 averageMeatWolf | November 4th 19

I don't know why people keep loving the new stuff because ever since Under the Force of Courage Galneryus has been nothing but average, I mean come on, I play new album and then I play AoS or Resurrection and there's a huge songwriting difference.


2.5 averageManiacBlasphemer | November 1st 19

Galneryus seems like a more metallized version of X Japan minus the Barry Manilow kind of ballad drudgery this band has been playing. Remain Behind is the only thing that comes close to the X Japan ballads and it obviously stinks. Sometimes fun to listen to, sometimes awfully cheesy, sometimes boring and too samey. Not for the lactose intolerant mind you. The singer emulates the X Japan vocalist perfectly though, even when he tries to sing in English which gets very comical. Not too impressed of power metal versions of AC/DC, keen on dishing out the same album after album to please their fan-base. Stuck in a rut bands are not my taste, I like my metal more varied. You heard one Galneryus record, you kinda heard them all. So far, after 2 spins, the only song that somehow sticks out is the 4th one with an interesting section emerging from minute 18:00 to about 20:00. although I get a deja vu feeling about it. There are a few more entertaining sections in some other sections, but most of them emerge when the wankery is not present. And the obvious awful moments, such as in track 6. Had I been a guitar fetishist I probably would have rated this album even higher. Since I am not, and care more about songwriting and song structuring, this is mostly pedestrian music for me. Fun to listen to sometimes, gets old after a few songs and you start using the forward button, and very few memorable sections.


3.5 greatComeToDaddy | November 4th 20
4.0 excellentTib | May 19th 20
4.0 excellentWattPheasant | April 1st 20
4.0 excellentbr4dl3yb34r | February 22nd 20
3.0 goodSenditRG | February 20th 20
2.5 averageFerretmusic | February 5th 20
4.0 excellentZombieParty | January 31st 20
4.5 superbDimsiRupsi | January 29th 20
5.0 classicMasha2k | January 21st 20
4.5 superbrocinante | January 12th 20
4.5 superbAnthracks | January 2nd 20
2.5 averagehadriel | December 7th 19
4.0 excellentAndyCrow | December 6th 19
4.5 superbdeeplydisturbd | November 28th 19
4.5 superbhernan91 | November 27th 19
4.0 excellentSuzyC | November 26th 19
3.5 greatHarmonizedDeath | November 18th 19
4.0 excellentChaoticVortex | November 14th 19
4.0 excellentkouichi | November 13th 19
4.5 superbSilentScream213 | November 9th 19
3.5 greatrandyladyman | November 8th 19
3.5 greatAeternal | November 6th 19
3.5 greatnecropig | November 5th 19
4.0 excellentProfessorVeerappan | November 4th 19
4.5 superbSolanum | November 4th 19
3.5 greathaesslichermensch | November 1st 19
4.0 excellentElevon | November 1st 19
4.5 superbHaelaeif | October 27th 19
4.5 superbTenthsage | October 25th 19
3.0 goodDmax28 | October 24th 19
4.5 superbShadowNeko | October 23rd 19
3.0 goodmetaladdict | October 23rd 19
4.0 excellentElynna | October 23rd 19

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