Cursive   Get Fixed
Release Date: 2019

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4.0 excellentConstable Rashguard | October 11th 19

This could be my favourite Cursive album.
Great cohesive flow throughout the album,
and by the end you want to start it all
over again. Barricades is in my top 5
songs of the year.

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4.0 excellentdedex | October 18th 19

Even if it's less good than Vitriola, damn y'all sleeping on this. As last year, Cursive deliver an unexpectedly awesome album filled with some tasty layers. What was particularly exquisite were, like in Vitriola, these strings playing the same riffs as the guitars. 3.9

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4.0 excellentbaseddook | October 26th 19

A true sister album to Vitriola, this album carries over many of the political themes and instrumental qualities from the 2018 release. With that said, this doesn't feel like a collection of B-sides. Rather, this feels like they had enough for two albums and split their best tracks between them. Both albums have their high points and Get Fixed's peaks aren't anything to scoff at.rStranded Satellite is an oppressive, deliberately paced track with a piano-driven beat that explodes in the final refrain with gorgeously layered strings and keys. Horror is a Human Being brings to mind Happy Hollow and Mama, I'm Swollen era Cursive, but includes the wonderful Megan Siebe on Cello. It's bombastic, hard hitting, and has one of the best guitar hooks on the album.rI Am Goddamn is another track of note in that it is so angular and gnarled. I haven't heard a Cursive track this difficult to get a grasp on since Ugly Organ, and it's a welcome inclusion here.rDespite these tracks and many other excellent songs like Get Fixed and What's Gotten Into You, I do think tracks like Look What's Become of Us cause too much of a lull in the albums flow. While themes of segregation by thought, self-imposed isolation, and ignorance are prominent and differentiate the album from its companion piece, I can't help but feel like Get Fixed lacks the cohesiveness of Vitriola. A great album given the 1 year turn-around, it just falls short of the mark left by the 2018 release.


2.5 averagevirpi | October 20th 19

After a few spins, I'm torn on this one. Some good songs, but overall, it's just one giant blurb of meh.


3.5 greatSite HevyDevy Specialist | November 12th 19
3.5 greatdbizzles | November 2nd 19
3.0 goodmikep87 | October 25th 19
4.0 excellentJakeStallion | October 24th 19
3.5 greatjkiddjkidd | October 24th 19
3.0 goodAxeToFall93 | October 22nd 19
3.5 greatReini Eden | October 22nd 19
2.5 averagejmh886 | October 17th 19
3.5 greatmallen- | October 17th 19
3.0 goodMathyNoodles | October 16th 19
4.0 excellentfahmulan39 | October 16th 19
3.5 greatariich | October 15th 19
2.5 averageAdoreSwancore | October 14th 19
3.0 goodJesusCage | October 14th 19
2.0 poortectactoe | October 14th 19
4.0 excellentg u t t e r b o y | October 14th 19
3.5 greatchris. | October 13th 19
3.0 goodelephantREVOLUTION | October 13th 19
3.0 goodMacck | October 13th 19
3.0 goodnbatman | October 13th 19
4.0 excellentJohnyBlood | October 12th 19
4.0 excellentcollynas441 | October 12th 19
3.0 goodbands that are not music l a dis pool ute | October 12th 19
2.0 poorBADNEW | October 12th 19
3.0 goodSowingSeason STAFF | October 12th 19
4.0 excellentXXMurdaBeatzXX | October 11th 19
4.0 excellentMathias | October 11th 19
4.0 excellentVeldin | October 11th 19
4.0 excellentGuitar Man's Hip | October 11th 19
3.0 goodLucman | October 11th 19
4.5 superbSlex CONTRIBUTOR | October 10th 19

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